When thinking about buying garden sheds, there are several things which can affect security aside from your choice of shed. You may think that by ordering a security shed, you don’t need to worry about the safety of whatever is inside. Yes, a ‘security shed’ with no windows is one of the more secure options, but there is a lot more to consider. 

The main reason for owning a garden shed is for security. But there is no use in buying a shed, plonking it at the end of the garden, loading it with gear and not thinking about the protection of whatever is inside. If you spend three figures on a garden shed and cheapen out on a padlock or alarm, you may as well not bother with a shed in the first place. Here are a few pointers in the right direction to give your shed the security it deserves…

Windowless Sheds
The obvious benefit of a shed without windows, in terms of security, is the fact that your valuables will not be on show. As well as this, there is that fact that either a styrene or glass window is the most fragile and penetrable component. Our security sheds are all constructed with overlap cladding, the thickest and generally the strongest type. The real benefit of this range is their physical construction and lack of view inside – but they are at their best when complemented with security accessories detailed below.

Padlocks and Alarms
If the sheer value of your belongings is your main worry, fixing on the biggest, scariest padlock - or possibly more than one padlock - could well be the giveaway that there is something inside worth stealing. Therefore, the best padlocks do their job efficiently without drawing attention. 

An alarmed padlock, such as the ones we stock, makes sure that any burglar doesn’t have chance to stick around should they penetrate the lock. The benefit of the Security Alarm Padlock (£17.99) is that its small size can deceive the thief into thinking that it is easily dismantled, whereas the thick casing, not mention the extremely loud alarm sound, make the lock a formidable defence. 

The location of your shed can be as important a factor as any. Put yourself in the position of the thief: they are looking for a shed which is unlikely to be seen by you or your neighbours who may come calling. Positioning your shed near the house is recommended, simply to make it easier to see a potential thief. Having the shed on show to those around you may seem risky, but this is a great way to deter burglary – the more neighbours or even street bystanders that can spot a theft, the less likely the chance of one happening in the first place. By locating the shed properly, a thief is likely to discard your property and move on.

The best tool in keeping your shed secure is your own common sense, and ability to find a simple solution. For example, if you are concerned about your tools being on show, it wouldn’t hurt to place some blinds or a curtain over the window to obscure view. For fixings which look a little flimsy, many of them are easy to beef up – screws are usually better off replaced by large nuts and bolts. The easiest methods are often the most effective!

As we are now fully in the swing of summer, thieving season is also upon us. As we stated in an earlier blog post on the items most commonly stolen from gardens, these crooks will take anything they can get their hands on. Like any other valuable item, you may want to insure the contents of your shed against theft just to put your mind at rest. 

Be sure that you protect your shed and more importantly the things inside it – with the security kit available on the market today, there is no excuse for taking a risk!

If you want to find out more about securing your shed, take a look at our blog post on shed security tips.