Great Buys to Get Kids Playing Outside

Make Outdoor Play a Priority This School Holiday

With screen time increasing, it's important to encourage children to get out in the garden and play. We've got some great buys to get kids playing outside, enjoying the fresh air and exercising.

Fly High on Swing Sets

There's no more iconic garden play equipment that a garden swing. Add in rope ladders, 2-seater gliders and slides to increase the fun.

a garden double swing set with rope ladder

a wooden double swing set with 2-seater gliderWooden Garden Swing Set with Swings and Rope Ladders

Tips for Swing Sets:

cement legs into the soil

leave space behind for safe swinging without hitting trees or bushes - 2m around the set should suffice

teach children never to walk infront of swings

View our best selling swing set here.


Who doesn't love to whoosh down a slide? It's also great to climb up too! Combined with swings or part of a playhouse, a slide becomes even more exciting

a large garden slidea garden swing set with glider and slide

A wooden tower playhouse with ladder and slide

Tips for Slides:

if you are buying a metal slide, remember that it can get very hot in the sunshine. Place slides facing away from the sunshine.

Make sure large slides are stable

Try running the hose down the slide with a tarpaulin at the bottom. A few squirts of bubble bath or washing up liquid (beware of allergies) and you've got your own slip n slide.

Teach children to only go down the slide when the coast is clear.


For imaginative play, playhouses are ideal. A little house all to themselves, children love the sense of ownership and independence of having their own "home". It can also be a place to read, colour and relax. Whether a traditional wendy house or a two-storey cottage, a playhouse will help form lasting childhood memories.

a traditional wooden wendy house with verandaa wooden playhouse with large side covered space

a two storey wooden playhouse

Tips for playhouses

Look out for pressure treated playhouses as these will not require treating for 15 years

Leave enough space around the playhouses so you can mend or treat all parts

Add soft pillow, blankets and bean bags for a cosy hideaway

Have your child help you paint the playhouse in a favourite colour

When purchasing, try to opt for as tall and large a playhouse as budget and space allows. This will make it a longer lasting investment as your child grows.

View our full range of wooden playhouses.

Take Imaginative Play to the Next Level

These unique playhouses are designed to help your chlld's role play and imaginative games. They come unpainted, ready for you and your child to add your creative touch. View all our wooden playhouses, designed to create imaginary worlds for your children.

camouflage painted playhouse

a wooden wigwam playhouse painted in stripes

blue dutch barn wooden playhouse

Traditional Garden Games

Finally, nothing compares to traditional garden games. From sandpits to giant versions of family games, these great garden activities will get everyone outside enjoying the sunshine. View our full range of garden games.

an open case of garden boulesGiant Jenga Tower Garden Game

Children's Wooden Sandpit with Lid

We hope you have lots of family fun in the garden this school holiday! Do send us pics of your children enjoying their latest additions to the garden and making magical memories!