Garden Workshops: The Hardest Working Sheds

What Makes A Garden Workshop Different to A Shed?

Garden workshops are not exactly different to sheds, they are more a type of shed.

Traditionally, sheds needed to exhibit certain characteristics to be classified as workshop sheds.

They had to be built from heavy-duty wood, be a minimum 10x6 size, sport a reverse apex roof, and have at least 2 windows to facilitate plenty of natural light.

Over time, these rules have relaxed and the term ‘garden workshop’ has come to embrace a far greater range of sheds than ever before.

a woman walking through the double doors of a wooden garden workshop

Firstly, this is because advances in technology have meant that some metal and, even, plastic sheds are now seen as heavy-duty.

Secondly, broadening tastes and greater customer expectations have ended the rigid rules on roof design, whilst the increased use of skylights and solar lighting has negated the need for windows.

Nowadays, all that is needed for a shed to be classified as a workshop shed are 2 clear things: it must have a minimum size of 10x6 and has to be suitable for more than just garden storage.

Why Are Garden Workshops So ‘Hardworking’?

Nobody, let alone Buy Sheds Direct, would ever dismiss the value of a traditional 6x4 garden shed. They will always bring people pleasure and, when it comes to garden storage, are invaluable.

What sets a garden workshop apart from them is the number of uses you can find for it.

a 20x10 workshop shed with open double doors and 2 open windows

When you purchase a workshop shed, you’re not just getting a garden storage facility.

You’re buying a garden building where it can be a pleasure to relax, where you can indulge in a hobby and, of course, a place suitable for work – whether that be your weekend DIY or a full-time trade.

Garden workshops are ‘hardworking’ because, through their sheer versatility, they endeavour to justify every single penny of their price tag.

You’ll never get more use from a shed than if you buy a workshop shed.

5 Superb Garden Workshops

Now that you’ve got a proper appreciation of what they’re all about, let’s take a look at 5 of the very best garden workshops on the market.

a wooden garden workshop with a log store, doors to the front and rear, and 2 fixed windows

1. 16x8 Shed Republic Ultimate Combination Workshop with Log Store – A Great Allrounder

If you’re a busy homeowner, who needs effective garden storage, owns a wood burner and likes a spot of DIY, look no further than this workshop shed.

Professionally handcrafted from FSC®-certified wood, pressure treated and supplied with a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee, it is built to last.

Two ledged, braced and lockable doors, toughened glass windows and a specially-designed 3ft log shelter are just some of the wonderful features that make this a market-leading garden workshop.

a 15x10 garden workshop with double doors and 6 fixed windows

2. 15x10 Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop – A Proper, No-nonsense Workshop Shed

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to carry out carpentry or set up your extensive model railway, this workshop shed fits the bill perfectly.

Built from 7mm overlap cladding, with a solid sheet floor and roof, this is a robust, durable, no-nonsense garden workshop.

Wide double doors offer outstanding access to the spacious interior, whilst 6 windows ensure you’ll enjoy an abundance of natural light.

These windows are made from styrene, which is near-unbreakable and far safer than conventional glass.

a Dutch barn-style shed with double doors and 2 windows

3. 10x8 Windsor Groundsman Dutch Barn Wooden Shed – A Uniquely Stylish Garden Workshop

If you enjoy arts and crafts, whether as a hobby or profession, you need a suitable place to work.

An imposing traditional workshop is unlikely to get your creative juices flowing, but this workshop shed is designed to inspire.

Furthermore, made from premium-quality 12mm tongue and groove cladding, including the floor and roof, and supplied with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, it boasts brawn as well as beauty.

A weatherproof felt roof covering, styrene windows and lockable double doors mean that you will enjoy a pleasant working environment and your masterpieces will remain completely protected at all times.

a large, grey, metal garden workshop with double doors on the wider side of the structure

4. 10x15 Lotus Anthracite Grey Double Door Metal Workshop – A Garden Workshop for A Modern Business

So, you run a modern, high-tech business and it’s a given that you’ll use solar energy to help power your workshop shed.

You demand exacting standards from everything you own but you don’t like wasting valuable time on things you deem unnecessary.

If this sounds like you, then here is your new garden workshop.

An intelligent, state-of-the-art design and superb all-round technical support make this one of the easiest metal workshop sheds to assemble, ever.

Constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel, supported by a heavy-gauge galvanised steel frame, and supplied with a 15-year anti-rust guarantee, it sets the standard for all other metal workshops.

To top it all, a 5-coat painted finish, ventilated gables and wide double doors make for the perfect professional working environment.

a wooden garden workshop with a single door and 3 framed windows, all on the wider side of the structure

5. 20x12 Traditional Heavy-Duty Pent Shed – A Workshop Shed That Makes Every Bit of Space Count

Practical work, DIY and hobbies all require space, and some need more than others.

If you want to house a lot of equipment then this could be the garden workshop for you.

Not only does it measure a mammoth 20x12, but the use of a single, rather than double, door leaves more room for shelves.

Add to this the fact that the door is positioned on the wider side of the structure, and you have a workshop shed that caters for all of your storage requirements.

The walls, floor and roof are all built from premium 12mm tongue and groove cladding, which makes for an exceptionally high-quality build.

Further features include a superior mineral felt roof cover and 3 Georgian-style windows, offering you a garden workshop with an irresistible combination of practicality, quality and style.

Garden Workshops for Sale

a wooden workshop shed with double doors to the front and a bank of windows running down one side

Buy Sheds Direct is the UK’s premier supplier of garden sheds and we have an unbeatable knowledge of workshop sheds.

Whether you need a base for your business, a place to carry out DIY or somewhere to enjoy your hobby, you’re certain to find just what you’re looking for within our superb range of garden workshops.