Find your perfect garden decking – our top five

Are you looking to add an extra element to your garden – a space to relax and entertain? Decking is a great solution. We are the largest web retailer of decking in the UK and offer a substantial range of garden deck boards, joists, handrail systems and deck kits.

Firstly you need to choose a deck board, here we will be showcasing our top sellers;

 Treated pine garden deck board

We offer this deck board in two sizes – 22mm x 120mm x 2.4m and 22mm x 120mm x 3.6m. It is the perfect choice when it comes to covering a larger area as it's low priced and great quality. With a traditional grooved profile on one side and smooth on the other this attractive board will look great on any decked areas.

Our Pine treated deck board are made from the highest quality slow grown Nordic redwood pine trees matured over eighty years. Furthermore they are also kiln dried in controlled conditions to reduce the moisture content by up to 50% before treatment which stabilises the timber cell structure, reducing splitting and warping and allows the board to absorb more treatment.

The deck board is then pressure treated as the preservative is forced deep into the board which gives a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay and means that they don’t need retreating – saving you time and money!

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2.Professional treated pine deck board

This deck board also comes in two sizes – 28mm x 140mm x 2.4m and 28mm x 140mm x 3.6m. It is our premium deck board which has the traditional grooved profile on the one side and a narrower smaller groove profile on the other.

Quality is important when selecting garden decking and that is why we have sourced and manufactured boards from the highest quality slow grown redwood pine which has grown for many years which can be seen by the compact growth rings at the end of the boards. This will ensure a smooth finish as well as making it much less likely to twist and warp during the summer heat which happens with faster grown timber.

In addition, these deck boards are 28mm thick and 140mm wide which makes them even stronger and that little bit wider which means you need less to cover the space!

These stunning deck boards are also pressure treated and come with a 10 year guarantee against rot and decay meaning a sturdy and strong deck board which has been built to last!

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Check out our info-graphics for more helpful information about our decking;

 3. Premium deck handrail/baserail with fillet

Next up is the all important hand rail/base rail. This again comes in two sizes – 44 x 68 x 1795mm and 44 x 68 x 2395mm

This chunky rail comes with a handy fillet which dramatically speeds up fitting and ensures equal spacing between the spindles. It can also be used both as handrail or baserail and fits all 41mm wooden spindles.

This particular handrail/baserail is made from slow grown pine for greater stability and a smooth attractive finish. It is carefully kiln dried to help reduce moisture and minimize the risk of splitting or twisting and although there is not a guarantee included, the typical life span is 15+ years. The wood can then be painted, stained or oiled to a colour that suits you and matches your garden!

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4. Deck Kits

To make things easier we also sell full deck kits, our easy decking kits are hassle-free and will transform your garden or patio in no time, as they’re quick and easy to construct. All our decking kits are made from top quality pressure-treated timber and are supplied with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, making your new outdoor living space a long-term fixture.

Our range of decking kits come different shapes and sizes to suit any garden, with some including pergolas that are perfect for encouraging climbing flowers and creating a unique and attractive focal point to your garden, and others that are designed to add a patio area beside your house, extending your living space to give you the perfect place to entertain, wine & dine or simply relax.
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