With a long, warm summer behind us, now is the time to start thinking about extending your gardening season towards the colder months. A garden greenhouse is a great way to optimise the way you grow fruit and vegetables, making the most of your crop all year round – as well as added protection for existing plants. With our range of Glass Greenhouses and their accessories can produce fresh food as well as maintaining a pleasing array of plant life without worrying about the weather.

The location of your greenhouse is key to performance. Believe it or not, the amount of that low Winter sun your greenhouse gets is more important to your produce than the temperature, so make sure your greenhouse building is well out of shade or obstructions. One of the advantages of the greenhouse is that it can be placed anywhere as long as the surface is flat, such as a lawn, garden deck or a paved patio.

Greenhouse lighting can in fact be affected by the material of the glazing. Our range consists entirely of glass houses, as this naturally lets more light in than plastic or Perspex. Our Polycarbonate greenhouses are ideal for cooler conditions, as this material is specifically manufactured for increased insulation for inside a greenhouse. It is also commonly accepted that Polycarbonate glass is far less susceptible to breakage due to a higher density.

The arrangement of your produce in the greenhouse itself can also help – our range of Shelving can increase the amount of growth space, as well as ensuring a higher volume of plants have light access. Greenhouse accessories and equipment can be the key to the success of your Winter gardening.

A larger greenhouse also makes for better performance, particularly during Winter, due to the fact that extreme temperature is easily buffered by a larger space. Smaller greenhouses find it harder to deal with harsh weather – often causing temperature to fluctuate.

To make your greenhouse an even more secure, long-lasting garden feature, our range of Greenhouse Accessories includes a number of aluminium bases to prevent moisture ingress from beneath – which could become a problem with Winter frost.

As well as becoming a great way to improve your garden’s appearance, it could even be possible to sell or exchange your produce, making a bit of extra money for Christmas!

Discover more about using greenhouses in your garden by watching our video below