There are a number of creative and practical ways to use shed space for storage. A small shed can be turned into the ideal outdoor storage space for all the garden and landscaping needs of the homeowner. The following ideas are suitable and practical for just about any small shed. In fact, the homeowner can save a great deal of time and energy when the garden or tools shed is well organised. Having an outdoor storage area that is organised can also save money. However, when the small shed is in disarray, the homeowner cannot find everything readily and therefore may end up purchasing items that may already be in the storage area, but may be misplaced. Check out these tips for an organised storage shed.

Top tips for organising your shed

1. Hand tools should be kept handy

On the inside of the shed door install a sturdy tool hanger. This is the best way to make long-handled tools easily accessible, but also placing them out of the way. The walls of the shed are then freed up to install shelves and a potting bench.

2. Get hoses rolled up and hung up

Most homeowners who have worked in the garden have probably tripped over or got their foot tangled in the garden hose. The best way to get the hose out of the way when it is not in use is to purchase a large hook with a steep angle. Install the hook in the shed and wrap the hose around the hook to get the hose up off the floor of the shed. There will be no more tripping or getting tangled in a coiled-up hose.

3. Purchase shelving for the inside walls of the small shed

The type of shelving is important depending upon the style of shed. Most outdoor storage sheds do not have electricity so there is no additional lighting other than sunlight. In this case, open metal shelves are a good option because they allow the sunlight to filter through. This will allow more light into the tight quarters of the small shed. The shelving should also be flexible. It is important to be able to adjust the height of the shelves to fit the height of the tools.

4. Avoid clutter

The inside of outdoor storage sheds is not generally seen by anyone outside of the homeowner who does the gardening and upkeep of the landscape. Furthermore, the tools are not generally used on a daily basis. So it becomes very easy to just toss tools onto shelves or even onto the floor when finished with them. The shelves are there for a reason; to help with organisation. Instead of just piling tools on the shelves, where they end up in a different place and/or position after every use, purchase some plastic or metal bins that will fit on the shelves. These bins can even be labelled to ensure the tools end up in the same place every time. This will make the tools easier to find and will add to their longevity since they are less likely to get damaged from a fall from the shelf to the floor.

5. The use of magnetic bars is a great ideal for shed storage

This is another way to organise tools such as pruning shears, trowels, and other metal gardening tools. It is important to choose a magnetic bar with a very strong magnet because the metal gardening tools do have some weight to them.

Do not let smaller items like twine, thin wire, and/or rolls of string go missing
These are items that are readily used by gardeners and are sometimes the most difficult to find in a small shed lacking organisation. To remedy this problem purchase simple toilet paper holders and mount them within the storage shed. Not only will the twine, wire, or string be easy to find, but it will also be easy to reach, unroll, measure, and cut.

6. Gardeners can always use a potting bench

Even in a small shed, making room for a potting bench can go a long way to tidying up the storage area. Since the potting bench is located inside the small shed, planting and re-potting container plants can be accomplished at any time. So there is no waiting until the rain stops; potting can be done at anytime.

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