A blue dutch barn style wooden playhouse with toys

A playhouse encourages children to spend time outdoors, which has a positive impact on their social development, physical well-being and mental health.

To compete with the latest screen-based technology, you need to offer your children something special, something eye-catching, and something they see as fun.

In short, you need to buy them a wooden playhouse.

Reasons to Buy a Wooden Playhouse

a 2 storey wooden playhouse with a veranda and 6 windows


Playhouses are an Investment

Think of a wooden Wendy house as an investment. It won’t just be around for this Christmas, but for many years to come.

A playhouse won’t become obsolete, or superseded by the next generation of playhouses; chances are it will even be enjoyed by your grandchildren too.

View the incredible Windsor Primrose Playhouse here.

Spending Time Outside is Good for the Health

Children who spend too little time outdoors may suffer from poor immune systems and are unlikely to get enough exercise. Along with poor diet, the latter is the biggest cause of obesity.

Not being exposed to sufficient sunlight, they are unlikely to get enough vitamin D, either, which can then lead to mental health issues.

Furthermore, staring at a screen for too long, and not testing a child’s long-range vision, will inevitably lead to poor eyesight.

a wooden playhouse with a veranda, situated in a garden


A Playhouse Promotes Learning, Imagination and Creativity

Coming into contact with the natural world stimulates questions and learning. Children are eager to find out more about wildlife, plants and trees, which gives them a proper appreciation of their natural surroundings.

Why not try positioning a garden planter next to the playhouse and then provide your children with some plastic tools? You could encourage them to cultivate their own vegetables, so that they learn where their food comes from.

Developing a child’s imagination is equally important. Unlike most screen-based games, playing in a wooden Wendy house isn’t a pre-created scenario.

A playhouse is flexible and can be turned into anything a child wishes it to be: it can become a fortress, a home, a restaurant, and so much more.

View the charming Shire Cubby Playhouse.

a wooden Wendy house, painted purple and white, with a veranda


Independence and Ownership

Giving your children their own space in the garden is the perfect way to help them act independently, but within a completely safe environment.

A playhouse is somewhere your children can call their own. This feeling of ownership is important because it creates a sense of responsibility.  

View the charming Shire Pixie Playhouse.

A Playhouse Keeps Your Home Tidy

Finger painting, mud pies and play dough can all be lots of fun, unless they ruin your sofa and carpet, of course.

A wooden Wendy house allows your children to enjoy these activities without you worrying about the mess.

Playhouses Provide All-weather Fun

A playhouse isn't just for sunny days. Even when it's raining outside, your children can put on their wellies and play in puddles, using the playhouse to shelter from the heaviest showers.

With the addition of a few bean bags, blankets and books, they’ll have a cosy, little den.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Playhouse

a cream and blue kids' playhouse on top a wooden tower, including a ladder


Should I Buy a Plastic or Wooden Playhouse?

We believe that wood makes the best material for a playhouse.

Firstly, it looks more authentic than plastic and will blend in perfectly with any outdoor setting.

Wooden Wendy houses also maintain their attractive appearance for longer than plastic ones because they don’t get damaged by the sun.

Wooden playhouses are more robust and durable too, with sturdy cladding to keep out the wind and rain.

Furthermore, they’re easier to customise: you can paint them, attach hooks to the walls, or even put up decorations.

Wood will, of course, need looking after but, if you’re averse to applying an annual coat of preservative, opt for a pressure-treated playhouse, which is guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for 15 years and doesn’t require re-treatment.

View the Windsor Honeysuckle Playhouse here.


a wooden children's playhouse in the shape of a wigwam


Small or Large Playhouse?

This will probably be determined by your available garden space.

The most compact playhouses measure 4x4, although you will need to allow an extra two feet of space around the outside, both to give you room to paint or treat the playhouse, and to allow your children to safely access it.

Our wooden playhouses range from 4x4 to 10x8, and we stock everything in between.

View the Shire Wigwam Playhouse.

What About the Base?

A playhouse requires a level base. Ideally, this should be concrete or paved but, if your lawn is level, you can still assemble your playhouse there too.

The advantage of a grass base is that it provides a softer surface for your children to play on.

a camouflaged wooden playhouse, like an army base, with an American flag and a soldier looking out from the pent roof



Playhouse Safety

All of our wooden Wendy houses conform to BS EN71 safety standards.

For example, they feature smooth-planed surfaces, rounded edges, magnetic safety catches and shatterproof styrene windows, so your children will remain completely safe.

Cost of a Playhouse

Considering the benefits, and years of fun they provide, children’s playhouses are amazing value for money.

Price differentials tend to reflect the playhouse’s size, features and the materials used to build it.

Playhouse Style

You can find some really inventive playhouse designs, ranging from a basic square playhouse with a door and window, right through to wigwams, army bases and large towers with slides.

View the Shire Command Post Playhouse here.

3 Examples of Wonderful Wooden Playhouses

To illustrate the type playhouse that’s available, let’s take a look at 3 superb wooden playhouses right now.

Shire Kitty wooden playhouse


5x5 Shire Kitty Playhouse

A delightful playhouse with large windows that fill the playhouse with light, the Shire Kitty will offer your children hours of make-believe and outdoor play.

The shiplap tongue and groove offers a robust, attractive build. Even the floor is tongue and groove, able to withstand years of playfu footfall.

The pretty scalloped barge boards and mini-veranda complete the pretty appearance.


View the Shire Kitty here

a wooden playhouse with a veranda, dormer area and red roof covering



10x8 Traditional Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Featuring a 3ft veranda, 2ft ladder, 1st floor area and bunk bed, this wonderful wooden Wendy house will be your children’s favourite place to spend time for many years to come.

Completely constructed from superior 12mm shiplap cladding, it is exceptionally robust and durable, while a weatherproof felt roof cover keeps the interior snug and dry.

The 4 Georgian style windows look exceptionally stylish and fill the playhouse with light.

View the Traditional Swiss Cottage Playhouse here.

Winsdor Tulip Playhouse with Slide


6x5 Windsor Tulip Playhouse with Slide

Take playtime to the next level with this tower playhouse and slide. A charming playhouse with scalloped barge boards, flower feature door and veranda rails, this playhouse is as pretty as it is fun.

The ladder and slide offer hours of excited play while the area under the platform is ideal as a den, picnic spot or storage space for outdoor toys.

View the Windsor Tulip Playhouse here.

Playhouses for Sale

a wooden playhouse with a veranda, apex roof, 2 windows and a door


A playhouse makes a very special Christmas gift for a child and, here at Buy Sheds Direct, we love children’s playhouses as much as they do.

Every single one of our superb range of playhouses is delivered flat packed, in protective crates, and supplied with full instructions to help you achieve a simple assembly.

They are easy to order online, but if you’d like to speak to one of our playhouse experts first, call our UK-based contact centre and we’ll be delighted to help.

To provide you with a few ideas for your new playhouse, take a look at our Pinterest page, which is filled with fun and practical ways to decorate a kids’ playhouse.

For more information on the benefits of playing outdoors, please take a look at Persil’s Dirt is Good campaign.

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Main image: 6x6 Windsor Dutch Barn Children’s Wooden Garden Playhouse