With the Christmas festivities over for another year but the joys of spring not yet in sight, the second half of winter can sometimes feel like a depressing time. The last thing you need, particularly if suffering from those ‘winter blues’, is to have your shed ransacked. Unfortunately, with it potentially full of Christmas goodies, and with the nights not yet having noticeably shortened, January and February are the months that it is most at risk. But don’t let your latest power tools or the kids’ new bikes be carried off without a fight. Now is the time to take our advice and beef up your shed security.

Home Security Camera


The first thing to do is to let potential thieves know that targeting your shed would be foolhardy. The best possible location for a shed is in clear view of the house, and not hidden behind anything that might provide a crook with cover. Next, pay attention to your shed’s immediate vicinity. Long grass or bushes might act as a hiding place, so make sure you’ve trimmed and pruned effectively to prevent this from happening. That said, a prickly plant, such as a Creeping Juniper or Common Holly, would make an extremely unpleasant hiding place and so is a potentially useful (as well as beautiful) addition to your garden. Should your budget allow, a home security camera (and accompanying warning sign) covering your back garden means that all but the most determined or reckless of burglars will think twice before entering your property.

5' (1.50m) Bull Security StrongHold Underfloor Locking Kit


As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than the cure’, and, should your shed be targeted, it needs to be fortified. This starts with ensuring everything is in good repair and that there are no structural weaknesses. Make sure you fix broken slats and tighten any loose screws. Even better, why not replace those screws on the hinges with nuts and bolts, superglued into place from the inside? Hidden hinges, also known as shed security hinges, are a very clever option, taking a potential weakness straight out of sight.

Windows are another vulnerable spot. Where your shed is simply used for storage, you may wish to consider doing without them and opt for a windowless shed. If it is used as a workshop, hobby room, or if you require natural light for any other reason, then privacy film, spray-on frosting, and opaque glass are all sensible options to deter prying eyes.

It goes without saying that a hasp and staple locking system, with accompanying padlock(s), is a must-have security measure. Simple yet effective, a shed padlock provides a clear, visible reminder to everyone that you take shed security seriously.

Your defences should not be confined to the exterior, either. If your shed is breached, it’s important that your valuable possessions are still protected. Large, expensive items, such as power tools, can be chained together, presenting a near-impossible load to steal, whilst bicycles, normally the most valuable things found in sheds, can be safely secured by an underfloor locking kit.

Security Alarm Padlock


So, your carefully laid security plans have failed and your shed has been penetrated. What should you do next? Why, raise the alarm, of course! The louder and brighter your garden shed alarm system, the better. Movement sensor alarms will even alert you as a prowler enters your shed’s wider vicinity. 



Should the worst happen and your prized possessions be stolen, all may not be lost. Etching, microdot, chemical and DNA marking are all highly-effective ways to identify your property, so that it can be immediately returned to you once seized by the police.

10x13 Yardmaster Green Metal Shed

Final Thoughts

Our sheds now contain more valuable items than at any time in history, so don’t get caught out by forgetting to check your home insurance policy. If your home’s contents are covered, then make sure that your shed’s valuables are too. That way, during the long late-winter months, indeed throughout the year, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your good-old garden shed, and all of its valuable contents, are safe and secure.