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Now is the Time to Bolster Your Shed Security

Shed security has always been one of the key considerations when maintaining or purchasing a garden shed.

Now autumn is here and the nights are drawing in, it is more essential than ever to address this issue.

Expensive garden tools, bicycles and luxury outdoor furniture are like magnets to thieves, and if you don’t secure your shed then you’re asking for trouble.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your shed security and safeguard those valuable stored items.

Ways to Beef Up Your Shed Security

a wooden security shed with a pent roof


Think About Your Shed’s Location

The best possible location for a shed is in clear view of the house, and not hidden behind anything that might provide a thief with cover.

Next, pay attention to your shed’s immediate vicinity.

Long grass or bushes might act as a hiding place, so be sure to cutback vegetation accordingly.

That said, a prickly plant is an extremely unpleasant hiding place and so a potentially useful (as well as beautiful) addition to your garden.

timber boards, a hammer and nails


Repair Your Shed

Poorly-maintained sheds will develop structural weaknesses that can be targeted by thieves.

Now is the time to give your shed a MOT.

Check for and fix broken slats, tighten loose screws and replace any broken hinges.

a hidden piano hinge on a shed door


Modify Your Shed

Hidden hinges, also known as shed security hinges, are an excellent addition to any shed.

Fitting hidden hinges immediately removes a potential weakness from your shed door.

Windows are another vulnerable spot.

Replacing conventional glass windows with unbreakable styrene is a good security measure.

Your shed will still enjoy natural light but there’s no danger, whatsoever, of the windows being smashed.

Privacy film, spray-on frosting and opaque glass are other sensible security precautions as they deter prying eyes.

a security alarm padlock and keys


Shed Locks and Alarms

It goes without saying that a high-security shed lock is a must-have shed security measure.

Your shed may already have a lock, but an additional padlock never goes amiss.

Alarms are also an excellent idea.

To benefit from both, simply purchase a padlock with a built-in alarm, like this one.

a bike, mower and power tool, held in place by an underfloor locking system


Underfloor Locking Kits

If your shed’s external defences are breached, there is still a way to protect your valuable property.

Underfloor locking kits provide immovable anchor points for securing valuable items, such as bikes, mowers and tools.

They are designed for use in conjunction with chains, cables and padlocks, and come in a range of sizes.

Security Sheds

If you’re in the market for a new shed and security is a key consideration for you, consider buying a specialist security shed.

These sheds offer you everything that you’d expect from a premium garden storage shed, but have a particular emphasis on safeguarding valuable items.

Metal sheds are considered the most secure. You can view all our metal sheds here.

If you prefer plastic or wooden sheds, look for windowless models or highline glazing.

Here are 3 of the best security sheds:

a green metal security shed, with a bike propped against the door


7x7 Asgard Gladiator Police Approved Security Metal Shed

This metal shed is built in the UK from heavy-duty, reinforced galvanised steel panels.

The reinforced double doors feature an unprecedented 5-point locking system to keep thieves out.

It’s no wonder this security shed is endorsed by the police, the UK Locksmiths’ Association and insurance companies.

View the Gladiator here.

a dark grey wooden security shed with double doors, high-level windows and a pent roof


8x8 Rowlinson Anthracite Wooden Pent Security Shed

This security shed is constructed from superior 19mm tongue and groove cladding on a robust 54mm2 frame, so is as solid as wooden sheds come.

A premium-quality key-operated lock secures the doors, whilst the high-level fixed windows permit natural light but don’t compromise security.

They are made from plexiglass, which is virtually unbreakable.

View the 8x8 Rowlinson Security Shed here.

a wooden security shed with an apex roof


8x6 Traditional Apex Security Shed

If you were to picture a security shed in your mind, this is probably what it would look like.

The single door is fully framed, ledged, braced and fitted with a security bolted padlock protector (padlock not included).

The small fixed windows are positioned high on the structure, to prevent tampering and deter unwanted attention.

View the 8x6 Traditional Security Shed here.

Final Thoughts on Shed Security

insurance papers

Retrieving Stolen Property

Should the worst happen and your prized possessions be stolen, all may not be lost.

Etching, microdot, chemical, smart water and DNA marking are all highly-effective ways to identify your property, so that it can be immediately returned to you once seized by the police.

Check Your Insurance

Our sheds now contain more valuable items than ever before, so make sure you check your home insurance policy.

If your home’s contents are covered, then make sure that your shed’s valuables are too.

That way, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you really do have a secure shed.  

Updated 13.09.19 by the Buy Sheds Direct Blog Team