It’s official – the UK is facing another drought this summer. Water supplies will be down and gardens risk going dry without a little TLC, so why not look into investing in a Water Butt to help your garden and save water this summer?

A water butt is simply a great way to save water, as you can water the garden without having to use your kitchen tap, which uses up valuable drinking water. With a garden butt you can make the most of the slender rainfall we are due this summer – so start saving now!

Water butts require zero maintenance once set up. Simply attach your guttering system so that the rainwater run-off goes directly into the water tank, and the supply can be used to water your plants or lawn. The butt essentially takes care of your lifetime supply of outdoor water.

The water butt that we supply has a huge capacity of 250 litres, which can save you money as well as water. The average person uses around 160 litres of water a day, which effectively has a knock-on effect to your living costs. If you can save water with a butt, nature can save you money in turn.

Incredibly easy to use, water butts can be situated pretty much anywhere – perhaps as an addition to a garden shed or log cabin – anything which collects water can run straight into the tank. In theory, the guttering leading into the tank rapidly increases the amount of area which collects water in your garden.

Our water butt also carries a touch of decoration, the pressure-treated timber in a stylish hexagonal design – making this great functional structure a nice one to look at. Plus, the timber feature is a more natural addition to a garden than the bulky plastic tanks available elsewhere.

Get hold of a water butt now – before your enthusiasm runs dry!