It is often the case that people interested buying a new shed see a huge range like ours and aren’t sure of what to go for – and judge only by size and appearance. Hopefully these tips will help you pick out the shed you need, and what else you need to consider…

What are you looking to use the shed for?

For the majority of our customers, sheds are used for storage and not a lot else. For a storage shed, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the style of shed to best cater for your needs.

If your passion is outdoor activity, sports or gardening, you may like to store any number of valuable items. For the keen cyclists in the family, perhaps looking into our specifically-designed bike stores is the way to go, which are cost effective and can save space in your garden. Or, for those into gardening or possibly in the garden trade, maybe our storage chests and tool stores are what you’re looking for. The advantage of this option is that you can save space by storing smallish items away in a special place, without forking out for a larger shed which could be oversized.

Of course, you may want to use your shed as a place to carry out DIY jobs, for which we supply a wide range of large workshops, offering space for workbenches as well as larger tools such as lawnmowers. If you are planning to work in the shed, one thing to think about is the lighting – as well as the number of windows, you should consider the location and proximity to sunlight. If you think you may need one, we also supply mains-free solar lights, helping the environment as well as helping you finish that job!

Are there going to be valuables left inside?

Should the tools or goods in your shed be of great value, you might like to consider protecting them even further against theft.

We supply a number of sheds which are specifically designed with a high level of security. These sheds feature thick overlap walls which crucially are windowless, meaning that the valuables inside are not in view of potential thieves – but if security really is a concern, it may well be worth installing one of our alarmed padlocks.

To be even more secure, it might be worth putting items which are likely to lie dormant in a shed in an attic or basement instead. It would be frustrating to have something stolen from a shed if it could just as easily be stored away inside!.

What type of garden do you have?

Obviously, the shape and size of your garden will have an influence on your type of shed – you don’t need a 12 x 8ft Workshop clogging up a narrow lawn, and you can’t rely on a Wall Store to keep all your kids’ bikes and toys in as well as your tools. Maybe a slope in your garden means that some levelling out is required.

To assist you with keeping the shed frame secure, we supply a number of specially-designed shed bases, which ensure that the shed remains protected from underlying moisture as well as being well-ventilated, all in the interest of prolonging life. We generally suggest that the shed’s base is kept as flat as possible – so the hardest and most level surface you have available is the ideal location.

As the sheds we offer come with either a 10 or 15 year guarantee, you should consider them as a long-term fixture, as they are built to last as long as possible. Will younger family members prefer a larger shed to maintain their up-and-coming hobbies in the future? Investing in more space could benefit their future pursuits – maybe a first-time cyclist might need a place to maintain his or her bike collection when they are older, or when you retire you might have a passing interest in taking up DIY?

There is clearly a lot to consider when choosing your shed. Large garden or small, we are confident we have the shed for you!

Want to make sure your garden is ready for a shed, or want to know a bit more about shed terminology to make sure you're getting the right shed? Take a look at our videos below.