7 decorating ideas for your front garden

Your front garden is the first impression guests will have as they make their way to your door. A garden that isn't cared for can immediately give the wrong impression, even if the interior of your home is immaculate. You want the front of your home to enhance your overall home, a space you can be proud of and welcome guests to.

There are a number of front garden decorating ideas, many of which will see you through the year with minimum maintenance. That is the key, the more you plant and the more lawn you have, the more work you have to spend in the garden each day to keep your front garden looking spectacular. It doesn't matter if your garden is big or small, you want to find a front garden decorating idea that you like and you feel will enhance your home and then get to work to create the perfect front garden oasis.

Less is More

If you have a small front garden, paving the garden may be the perfect maintenance free design you are looking for. Some of the most beautiful front garden decorating ideas come from paving. You can choose your paving slabs to enhance your home. Make use of planting pots with small trees and bushes that are easy to maintain and add that much needed greenery to the space.

This is ideal for home owners who are not keen on spending their weekends gardening. A little weeding in the planting pots is the only front garden maintenance you will have to do when choosing this great front garden decorating idea.

Fresh and Vibrant

There is nothing more appealing than a lovely paved walkway to the front door surrounded by a lush lawn and flowerbeds. Choose a few vibrant colours when picking your flowers and place them in rows to create a stunning floral rainbow effect. This garden will require maintenance because of the lawn area and weeding in the beds that surround the lawn to add that vibrant and fresh finish to the space.

Clean Lines for the Modern Home

For those with a modern home, you want a modern and minimalist garden to enhance the house as a whole. The top front garden decorating ideas for modern homes include clean lines, light colours and spectacular finishes. This means a white or light walkway, one or two small flower beds filled in with bark to hide the soil and a small lawn area to add that spot of colour to the space. Choose shrubs and plants that will last throughout the year, reducing the need to dig up your garden and replant throughout the year.

Make it Uniform

One of the best front garden decorating ideas is simplicity. Lawn your garden and then add a few flowerbeds around the edges. When choosing plants for your flowerbeds choose the same shrub to be planted at equal intervals around the border and compliment those with white flowered plants. Keeping everything the same and uniform will actually make your garden a delightful sight. You may want to add some of the same white flowers in pots, one on each side of your door to really make a statement.

Add a Pond or Water Feature

Even the smallest front garden can benefit from the sound of water, whether you choose to add a small garden pond with a few koi fish or you want to add a unique water feature to make a statement. Add the feature in the centre of the front garden with a walkway around it leading to your front door, this is one of the most spectacular front garden decorating ideas that can really transform the front of your home.

Decorate Your Path

If you currently have a front garden that has a green lawn and front path, but you feel it is boring. Consider adding some colour by decorating your path. Dig out a flowerbed on either side of the path, ensuring that the bed is the same width on both sides and then plant some bright and fresh flowered plants that can guide you up the path to your front door.

Make Use of Stone

Stone can help you create a spectacular and natural front garden space, especially if you have a raised front door with a sloping garden design. There are a number of front garden decorating ideas that take advantage of natural stone. One of the top choices is to build planter boxes in the front garden at various heights to create a step effect. You can then plant different flowers, shrubs and trees in the steps to create your perfect garden design.

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