Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent

Why Buy a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is an invaluable asset for any keen gardener but with food prices rising, obesity levels growing and mental health issues widening, we believe that a greenhouse has now become a must-have purchase for every single household.

The reason for this is that greenhouses provide conditions whereby you can grow your own healthy, tasty fruit and vegetables the whole year round. They also protect your plants from pests and allow you to grow certain nutritious foods that would normally be unsuited to the British climate - all at a fraction of supermarket prices. What’s more, there is clear scientific evidence that gardening improves both people’s physical and mental health.

You don’t need a large garden with lots of soil or an existing vegetable patch to own a greenhouse; those of you with small, terraced courtyards can enjoy the benefits of container gardening in a greenhouse too.

5 Different Styles of Greenhouse and Some GYO Suggestions

With all of this in mind, we’d like to show you five greenhouses for sale and give you a few ideas about what to grow in them. Whether you’re a novice gardener or green-fingered expert, as these greenhouses are all so different, hopefully you’ll spot one that’s right for you.

The 4'4 x 2'4 Halls Green Wall Garden 24 Greenhouse (1.32m x 0.69m)

The 4'4 x 2'4 Halls Green Wall Garden 24 GreenhouseLet’s start with an excellent small greenhouse, which is ideal for those of you looking to dip your toe in the water of greenhouse gardening.

Supported by a rust-resistant aluminium frame, which comes with a 12-year frame guarantee, this lean-to greenhouse will fit neatly against your back wall and includes everything required to help your plants thrive.

The sliding door provides easy access to your plants, while the opening roof vent helps you optimise growing conditions. We offer an optional upgrade to toughened glass, as well as customised greenhouse staging so you’ll have room to expand your collection of greenhouse plants.

Buy the 4'4 x 2'4 Halls Green Wall Garden 24 Greenhouse (1.32m x 0.69m) now.

basil on a wooden chopping boardGreenhouse Gardening Suggestion 1: Herbs

Imagine positioning this lean-to greenhouse right outside your kitchen for a ready-supply of tasty, fresh ingredients to pep up your meals.

Mediterranean herbs don’t always appreciate the damp British climate but the likes of basil and oregano absolutely thrive in a greenhouse.

Chives, dill and sage are just a few of our other suggestions. Sage hates the cold and damp but will love life in this little lean-to greenhouse.

3 x 4 Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse (0.9 x 1.2m)

3 x 4 Forest Victorian Walkaround GreenhouseThis uniquely-designed, small greenhouse features no less than four doors, allowing you complete, walk-in access to your plants from different angles. Its size and versatility make this wooden greenhouse perfect for any type of garden, particularly a patio area.

Built from ethically-sourced, pressure-treated wood and supplied with a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this greenhouse for sale also comes with a number of impressive features as standard:

These include shatterproof styrene glazing, opening windows and removable slatted staging. Seriously, what’s not to love about this beautiful greenhouse? 

Buy the 3 x 4 Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse (0.9 x 1.2m) now.

red peppers growing in a greenhouseGreenhouse Gardening Suggestion 2: Peppers

Positioned in the centre of your patio, this greenhouse should get plenty of sun, making it ideal for growing peppers.

Use a nutrient-rich soil, keep it damp, begin feeding when the plants start to bloom, and apply a moderate amount of fertiliser once the first fruits emerge.

6 x 14 Palram Canopia Hybrid Large Walk-In Green Polycarbonate Greenhouse (1.8m x 4.2m)

6 x 14 Palram Canopia Hybrid Large Walk-In Green Polycarbonate Greenhouse Palram Canopia produces some outstanding greenhouses. Although this one is by no means their largest, we think it might particularly appeal to some of you experienced gardeners.

The light-diffusing 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels promote an even temperature inside the greenhouse by increasing insulation and reducing extreme sunlight, while the 0.7mm crystal-clear polycarbonate side panels allow higher levels of light transmission. This clever combination ensures wonderful growing conditions for plants.

Easy to assemble and maintenance free, this polycarbonate greenhouse’s other notable features include a lockable door, integral guttering system and 2 roof vents.

Buy the 6 x 14 Palram Canopia Hybrid Large Walk-In Green Polycarbonate Greenhouse (1.8m x 4.2m) now.

chopped-up okra in a bowelGreenhouse Gardening Suggestion 3: Okra

Experienced gardeners don’t need teaching how to suck eggs, so we’d like to suggest something a little less common: okra is a nice ingredient to use in soups and curries, and grows very well in a greenhouse.

In late spring, transfer the young plants to containers or growbags in the greenhouse. Keep the compost moist, pinch out the shoot tips and, once flowers emerge, feed weekly with a high-potash fertiliser. Pods are produced from mid to late summer, and into early autumn.

3'9 x 1'6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent (1.19m x 0.5m)

3'9 x 1'6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto VentHere is a small greenhouse with a difference: just like a lean-to greenhouse, it can be placed against a wall to save garden space, but the solid back panel also makes it versatile enough to position in other areas of the garden.

Crafted from pressure-treated 12mm shiplap tongue and groove, backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee and glazed with shatterproof styrene, this wooden greenhouse is truly built to last.

Its Georgian-inspired design, automatic vent and removable shelves are further evidence that this greenhouse has it all: strength, practicality and charm.

Buy the 3'9 x 1'6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent (1.19m x 0.5m) now.

tomatoes on the vineGreenhouse Gardening Suggestion 4: Tomatoes

We couldn’t talk about greenhouse gardening without mentioning tomatoes, could we? There are just so many different varieties to choose from and they’re absolute perfect for container/ greenhouse gardening.

Cordon tomatoes grow vertically and are ideal for a greenhouse. They require regular watering, feeding and tying to supports.

Bush varieties are shorter, wider and need less maintenance. They work well in containers and growbags.

12 x 6 Mercia Traditional Shiplap Wooden Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed (3.62m x 1.97m)

12 x 6 Mercia Traditional Shiplap Wooden Apex Greenhouse Combi ShedPerhaps you like what you’ve seen so far but you’d rather prioritise a new shed over a greenhouse? Well, why not have both for the price of one by purchasing this cleverly-designed greenhouse combi shed?

Boasting a premium shiplap tongue and groove build to rival any wooden shed or greenhouse, this greenhouse combi shed will be an invaluable asset to your garden for many years to come.

Including 25 styrene windows, an opening vent and generous growing space, it’s safe to say that your plants will prosper. The dedicated shed section comes with two windows of its own and a lockable door, ensuring safe garden storage for your expensive tools and wheelbarrow.

Buy the 12 x 6 Mercia Traditional Shiplap Wooden Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed (3.62m x 1.97m) now.

carrots in a wooden basketGreenhouse Gardening Suggestion 5: Root Vegetables

Potatoes, carrots and beetroot are all incredibly versatile and form a large part of most people’s diets. Yes, they grow well outdoors but using a greenhouse means that you’ll enjoy a steady supply of them throughout the year.

Plant potatoes eye-side upwards in a warm spot, cover them with three inches of soil and water well.

Carrots are a great choice for winter greenhouse gardening because they don’t like it too hot. Give them shade and plenty of water.

Greenhouses for Sale

8 x 6 Forest Vale Victorian Wooden GreenhouseHere at Buy Sheds Direct, we keep a close eye on emerging trends, and we know that greenhouse gardening is becoming more and more popular throughout the country. This isn’t a fly-by-night fad for one season, either. Growing your own fruit and veg is here to stay because once you start doing it, you realise that you’ve made an exceptionally positive, life-changing decision, which you’ll never regret.

Don’t be left behind. Begin your own greenhouse-gardening journey right now!