Firstly a massive thanks to everyone who entered! We are really glad to see so many people share a passion for allotments and it's been a pleasure to read about what you've all been doing on your plots.

So here are the winners for the blogger, recipe and allotment competitions. Once again thank you all, and please continue with the great work your doing keeping the allotment spirit alive in the UK!

Winning Blog

The winner of our blogging competition is the blog written by Michelle Chapman

The blog incorporates stories about Michelle’s garden, her travels, seasonal recipes and ‘plenty of fruit and veg’. Michelle explains that she loves the sense of community she has with her blog, from readers who get involved with her events and schemes. We agree that allotments are a great way to interact with the community and meet new people, as well as make new friends and memories!

See Michelle's entry here 2014 Blogger Competition Entries

Winning Recipe

Here's Kay's Delicious Winning Pie!

Kay explains her recipe combines ‘a little of everything that is growing or I have already grown’ and serves it with a salad using home-grown ingredients, meaning 14 different home-grown vegetables are used in this dish! Not to mention it looks absolutely delicious!

See her recipe here

Winning Allotment

The winning allotment goes to..

Louise, her three kids, daddy and a lovely Labbie.

Everyone in Louise’s family has their own role at the allotment (even the dog!), they grow flowers, as well as vegetables!

This entry stood out to us because it demonstrates how an allotment can be enjoyed by the whole family, which we feel really reflects the spirit of allotment week. We hope the kids enjoy their new base of operations!

Here's their entry -