The 8' x 6' Forest Shiplap Potting Shed (1.8m x 2.4m)

Once in a while, an extra-special product comes along and Forest’s new 8 x 6 Shiplap Potting Shed is the perfect example. The latest offering from the UK’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden products, this 8x6 shed is that little bit different to anything we’ve seen before, so we’d like to share our enthusiasm for it by telling you more.

Pros and Cons of Other Potting Sheds

A potting shed is a halfway house between a wooden shed and a greenhouse, making it the ideal shed for a keen gardener. Extensive glazing allows you to pot and nurture plants, while the limited storage space accommodates potting soil, containers and frequently-used tools.

However, one thing that puts some people off buying a potting shed is the lack of garden storage space. It’s all very well offering a great plant-growing environment but where are you supposed to put the rest of your tools and the family’s outdoor equipment, particularly if you have a smaller garden?

What’s more, if you’re relatively new to gardening and just looking to dip your toe in the water, it might be viewed as rash to cut back on your available storage space.

The 10 Reasons That Make This Potting Shed Special

Inside the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedForest Garden has noticed this gap in the market and developed an 8 x 6 Shiplap Potting Shed (1.8m x 2.4m) as the solution. Their shed should particularly appeal to budding gardeners, who require more extensive garden storage than typically offered by other medium-sized potting sheds. Here’s how they’ve done it…

1. Greater Garden Storage

2-tier wooden potting shed stagingThis might only be an 8x6 shed but it is carefully designed to maximise what you can put in it.

Firstly, two free sets of 2-tier staging give you different ways of managing your storage space. You could choose to dedicate all of the staging to organising your plants, containers and potting tools by positioning it next to the glazing. This would leave the rest of the shed free for larger items. Alternatively, you might use just one set of staging for potting and place the other elsewhere as conventional shed shelving.

Either way, as this is a wooden shed, you’ll find it easy to add additional shelving to the walls, should you require it.

a 14mm pressure-treated solid wood floorSecondly, as the floor is built from 14mm pressure-treated solid wood boards, it is perfectly equipped to accommodate heavier tools and machinery, making it more akin to a premium storage shed than a potting shed.

Finally, the roof’s apex design means that it sits higher than on a pent potting shed, opening up an even wider range of garden storage possibilities.

However, Forest’s 8x6 Shiplap Potting Shed isn’t just about maximising garden storage space. It boasts a number of other highly impressive features too, which really do put it in the very top bracket of family sheds…

2. Premium Shed Walls

12mm shiplap tongue and groove claddingThe walls are built from 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding, which is a sure-fire sign that you’re talking premium quality. Thicker than the average shed, shiplap’s interlocking boards ensure supreme weathertightness, while the scalloped profile allows excellent rainwater runoff.

3. Protected Shed Roof

the inside of an 8mm OSB potting shed roofWhile the floor is extra thick, the roof is simply constructed from 8mm OSB. Here, you might well shrug. Yes, OSB is a good material for a roof but what makes it so special? The answer is the extra framing and the quality of the roof cover.

a premium mineral felt roof cover on the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedRather than using regular sand felt, Forest has used premium-quality mineral felt to ensure unbeatable weatherproof protection.

4. Secure Shed Door

a pad bolt on a potting shed doorThe shed door is another high-end feature. Ledged, braced and fitted with a pad bolt, this door shows you treat shed security seriously and will deter unwanted attention (padlock not included).

What’s more, it can be fitted at either end of the structure, so you can make sure the glazing faces the sunnier side of your garden.

5. Smart Modular Design

a diagram of the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedOn the subject of assembly, this premium potting shed enjoys a smart modular design. Basically, this means that it is delivered in smaller pieces, so is not only easier to assemble but far stronger than a conventional shed too.

Modular sheds also boast more extensive framing than other sheds. This one’s is a robust 28mm and built to last.

6. Potting Shed Glazing

an open PET window on the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedWith 12 generously-sized windows, this potting shed offers your plants an abundance of natural light. Two of the windows are openers, allowing you to regulate the temperature for the benefit of those plants and for welcome relief when you’re hard at work on a hot summer’s day.

a window catch and open potting shed windowOpening windows also help you minimise condensation inside the shed, promoting ideal garden storage conditions.

All of this greenhouse glazing is made from PET, which is far superior to standard horticultural glass. It will neither discolour nor fade and is completely shatterproof, making it the ideal greenhouse glazing for a busy family garden.

7. An Ethical Shed

a side shot of the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedForest is a company that takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. This is why it only ever uses UK-grown timber and insists that all of it is FSC®-certified. This way, you know that the wood is only sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests.

8. An Exceptionally Attractive Shed

the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedTraditional but fresh, elegant but cosy, stylish but understated, simple yet still high-end – what is there not to like about this premium potting shed?

Smooth-planed barge boards and two finials round off what really is a beautiful garden building, sure to complement any outdoor setting.

Imagine this shed standing proudly in your own garden space. Nice thought, isn’t it?

9. A Long-Lasting Shed

the front-end of the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting ShedThis potting shed is delivered to you dip treated to prevent it developing rot or fungal decay. All you need to do to ensure it remains protected is coat it in a high-quality wood preservative once a year.

Alternatively, why not paint it for a more individual look? This also provides the wood with effective protection and will ensure that the shed remains a much-loved fixture in your garden for many years to come.

10. A Shed for Peace of Mind

the 8x6 Forest Shiplap Potting Shed at the back of a gardenOne of the many benefits of gardening is improved mental health, and you’re sure to be doing more gardening once you own this shed.

However, you’ll also receive peace of mind from the shed’s superb 10-year anti-rot guarantee. This comes as standard and is only dependent on annual retreatment of the wood.

Potting Sheds for Sale

plant pots and garden tools on top of potting shed stagingNo matter how much we admire the 8 x 6 Forest Shiplap Potting Shed, Buy Sheds Direct’s love of potting sheds isn’t just limited to one product.

Why not take a few moments to browse through our superb range of potting sheds for sale? We stock both traditional and contemporary designs, by all of the leading suppliers.

Alternatively, place your order for the 8 x 6 Forest Shiplap Potting Shed now.

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