Shed of the Year

  1. Our favourite Shed of the Year 2016 entries

    Our favourite Shed of the Year 2016 entries

    After Shed of the Year 2016 saw a record-breaking 2,825 entries submitted the judges must have had a really difficult job narrowing down each category to just 4 submissions each for the shortlist. We took a look at the shortlisted entries and chose our favourites from each of the categories to give you an idea of the sheds being entered and who the potential winner could be!

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  2. Shed of the Year 2015: an update

    We’re just days away from the Shed of the Year Competition closing for entries for 2015 and the entries just keep pouring in. The competition is a fascinating chance to see how innovative and exceptional a garden shed can be and how it’s much more than a convenient outhouse for chucking your tools and gardening paraphernalia into.

    With just days until the competition closes on May 1st, there have been thousands of entries, showing some truly innovative and creative designs from across the

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  3. Shed of the Year 2015: the finalists

    It may have begun many months ago but now, with less than a week until the public vote closes, the 2015 Shed of the Year competition is drawing to an end. Along the way, we’ve been treated to a host of weird and wonderful creations that demonstrate that the UK’s relationship with the humble garden shed is nothing if not unique.

    More than 2,500 hopefuls entered this year’s competition, all dreaming of winning 2015’s Shed of the Year title. The shed maker that ultimately comes out on top

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  4. Shed of the Year 2015: The first episode

    Last night saw the first episode of channel 4’s “Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year”, a show that explores Britain’s greatest sheds. The show will, excuse the pun, shed light on some of the wackiest and craziest sheds that will inspire and provide ideas on how you can transform your very own shed. This week's episode showed the finalists from the Normal and Eco-Shed categories

    From the "Normal" category

    The first shed that was displayed was Roy’s “

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  5. Shed of the Year 2013

    a small blue shed with a door and window

    With two thirds of adults in the UK owning a garden shed, it was only a matter of time before there was a prize for the best! It's that time again, 1904 people have already entered their sheds into the 'Shed of the

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  6. Shed of the Year 2015: The second episode

    Last night saw the second episode of the fantastic “Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year” and wasn’t it a great one! This week was the “Unique and Historical” category and saw some really amazing outside spaces. The winners of this week will join the Owl House and the Maid of Dekkin from last week’s episode, all in for the chance to win and take the crown for 2015’s shed of the year.

    Episode 2 contenders

    The “Unique” Category

    The first shed we saw this week from the uni

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  7. Shed of the Year 2015: The Third Episode

    Last night saw the third installment of the current TV series, Amazing Spaces: Shed of the year. Halfway through the competition, we saw 8 more sheds to add to the 16 we have already seen and this week’s categories were Pub Sheds and Budget Sheds. The two winners of this episode will join the previous 4 winners from the first two episodes. Who will win the title of Britain’s best shed?

    Episode 3

    Pub Sheds

    The first category this week was Pub sheds and we

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  8. Shed of the Year 2015: The Winner Has Been Crowned

    Last night we saw the Grand Final of the Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. The episode looked at three categories in total as well as a summary of all the winners so far in the competition.

    Winners of the categories

    Cabins and Summerhouses

    Cabins and Summerhouses was the first category that we were shown which was full of impressive creations.

    The first cabin that we were shown was Rebecca and John’s tribute to

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  9. Shed of the Year 2012

    Shed in a garden Voting has officially ended for shed of the year. The individual category winners and overall winner for this annual garden sheds competition will be announced during shed week, which begins on the 2nd July 2012.

    This year the competition has been very diverse, we're enjoyed seeing all the possible configurations

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  10. Shed of the Year 2016: Episode Four

    Shed of the Year 2016: Episode Four

    After weeks of anticipation and shed loads of breathtaking, inspirational and ingenious sheds, at last, it’s time for the grand final!

    So far we’ve seen six category winning sheds make it to the final and there are still two more places up for grabs. Before we see who was crowned the winner of Shed of the Year 2016, let’s meet the amazing sheds in the final two categories…

    What happened in episode 4?

    The Budget shed category finalists:

    This is the thriftiest categor

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