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  1. Man Cave Versus She Shed: Which is the Superior Shed?

    Man Cave Versus She Shed: Which is the Superior Shed?

    With the rise of the ‘man cave’ and the ‘she shed’, the battle of the sexes has now moved into the back garden. These ‘homes within a home’ offer us the best of both worlds: a chance to relive our days of being young, free and single, whilst remaining within the happy confines of marital bliss. Much like men and women themselves, man caves and she sheds have much in common, yet also subtle differences, which give them both their own distinct identities. But how marked are these contrasts and which can lay claim to being the ultimate shed?

    Man Caves

    These are places which allow men to be ‘real men’, free from the confines and stuffy regulations of the home. Shoes do not need to be taken off when entering a man cave, for it is a place of work, as well as rest and play. Plates, cutlery and glasses

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  2. Beef Up Your Shed Security

    With the Christmas festivities over for another year but the joys of spring not yet in sight, the second half of winter can sometimes feel like a depressing time. The last thing you need, particularly if suffering from those ‘winter blues’, is to have your shed ransacked. Unfortunately, with it potentially full of Christmas goodies, and with the nights not yet having noticeably shortened, January and February are the months that it is most at risk. But don’t let your latest power tools or the kids’ new bikes be carried off without a fight. Now is the time to take our advice and beef up your shed security.

    Home Security Camera


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  3. Create a Home Gym in Your Garden Shed

    Create a Home Gym in Your Garden Shed

    The New Year is here. Millions of people around the country have made the famous resolution: to finally get in shape. The excessive consumption of mince pies and wine over the festive period has not helped anybody’s weight loss goals and gym owners will be rubbing their hands together, awaiting a massive influx of new memberships. If you’re like me, the thought of being in an overcrowded gym, waiting 15 minutes just to use one piece of equipment, fills you with horror. There is however, a more agreeable solution. The home gym. Or, in this case, the ‘shed-gym’.

    Why would I go to the effort of creating a gym in my shed?

    Well, I’m glad you asked.

    Firstly, shed-gyms will save you time and money (in the long run). There is no tedious commute, merely a

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  4. How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

    How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

    Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis. However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and most of us have a limited space to work with. This inevitably results in the odd eye-sore, the worst of which is probably the most indispensable: the garden shed. So, you may ask, how do I hide my ugly garden shed?

    The broad answer to this question is ‘however you like’. The ways to hide an ugly shed are as varied as the human imagination but, to give you a head start, let us propose four key methods: concealment, distraction, improvement, and replacement.  

    Concealing an ugly shed is probably the first idea that comes into most people’s minds. Garden screening ideas, such as ornamental trees, shru

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  5. Top 5 Summer houses and garden offices

    Looking for something a little special to add to your garden? Well, we have a diverse range of cheap log cabins and best value summer houses for you to choose from.

    There is a growing trend for people to work from home or for people to move their businesses home. By using a log cabin or summer house, you can maintain the separation between your working and home lives. Equally, some of our larger buildings are perfect for use as a home gym or extra living space.

    Take a look at our helpful videos on garden buildings:


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  6. Top 5 Garden Storage Solutions

    Choosing the right garden storage solution can be a task in itself. If you've out grown your humble garden shed, you might want to consider a smaller garden storage chest or tool store? These are easily secured and provide the storage space you need. Here are our top 5 favourites to help you decide which is best for you.

    Our Top 5 Storage Chests, Trunk & Tool Stores:

    Wooden overlap Garden Chest

    Overlap Garden Chest - £73.99 (was

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  7. Garden shed security tips

    When thinking about buying garden sheds, there are several things which can affect security aside from your choice of shed. You may think that by ordering a security shed, you don’t need to worry about the safety of whatever is inside. Yes, a ‘security shed’ with no windows is one of the more secure options, but there is a lot more to consider.

    Garden sheds can contain valuable assets and criminals are very aware of this. Whether your shed is used as a bike shed, to store garden furniture or a lawn mower, you should look into keeping your possessions secure and out of sight.

    There is no use in buying a shed, plonking it at the end of the garden, loading it with gear and not thinking about the protection of whatever is inside. If you spend three figures on a garden shed and cheapen out on a padlock or alarm, you may as well not bother with a shed in the first place. Here are a few pointers in the right direction to give your shed the security it dese

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  8. Power your Shed with a Solar Power Station

    Our environmentally friendly solar panels for sheds will save you money

    During last years 'shed of the year' contest, we were particularly impressed with Kevin Holland's Solar Shed entry, which supported eight 250 W solar panels. If you want to emulate this great shed, we have some great solar power products to get you (most of the way) there.

    Solar Panel Solar power stations

    We now have several solar power station systems so that you can easily supply electricity to your garden building, without having to pay for an electrician to lay a power line. These systems have the advantage of providing bill-free electricity without impacting on the environment.

    In the UK it is be

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  9. Why would I want to maintain my shed? Surely they just look after themselves?

    Man with old shed

    The humble garden shed – highly functional, Tardis-like in its storage abilities, holder of all your clutter and a great retreat for Dad.

    Old shed with overgrown vines We invest a lot of money in our garden sheds and just expect them to last forever, often we neglect their basic maintenance. This is a false economy, maintaining your shed take little effort or time but could result in your shed lasting 20 years or more!

    So it makes perfect sense to keep your shed in good order.

    Getting it right from delivery of your shed

    All of our sheds and garden buildings

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  10. How to paint a shed

    With Spring here, your focus shifts from the housework to the garden. Painting and Treating your Garden Sheds is an annual thing for most shed owners. Painting your garden sheds is not a strenuous activity and it can bring the family together, but remember, wear some tatty clothes!

    Your Shed is your shed! The colours they can be are endless. You don’t have to stick to one colour, it is entirely up to you.

    Preparation - Before painting your shed, grab yourself a wet cloth and wire brush and remove any dirt, moss or muck from the shed so you have a clean surface to paint. This way you will keep the layer fresh and not miss any patches. Apply masking tape to any edges, window frames and hinges so that you do not spoil the metal. If your shed is on a timber base, we also advise that you lay down a dust sheet to stop any splodges of paint on the surface.

    Priming - Next, apply a generous amount of p

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