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Product Advice

  1. Preparing for the World Cup 2010

    It only comes around once every four years, so when it does – you need to work out the best way to enjoy it, who to enjoy it with and where you want to spend your time watching the matches. 

    A lot of preparation has gone into this for many people this year...

    Firstly, you may need to consider that you have a number of children that might not be welcome in pubs that are showing the games.

    Secondly, should you choose to spend a lot of time in a pub watching the games, you probably would not be in you other half’s best books?

    Thirdly, with so many football games – can you afford to go out of the house to watch all of them?

    The solution…….

    The perfect way to watch the football whilst spending time with your family and friends is to create your very own den in the garden. A garden den ensures that yo

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  2. Log Cabins UK - Garden Office Retreats and Kids Play Rooms

    Why A Log Cabin?
    Log cabins have been around for thousands of years. First built in Europe during the bronze age, logcabins, have since become idyllic retreats in 'timber rich' places such as Northern America and North Eastern Europe. 

    Originally constructed as temporary structures, for hunters, and new settlers, the uses and availability of log cabins have diversified in recent years. Modern-day log cabins can be used as a garden office, a super-sized play house for the kids, a games room for adults, garden storage, a summer house or just a garden hideaway

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  3. British Shun Holidays for Garden Projects this Summer

    It seems that many if us plan to stay closer to home this summer working on garden projects. According to a recent survey of 3,000 adults in the UK by, the online insurance comparison service, 74% of Brits will be undertaking some kind of garden project.

    More than 12% of survey respondents said they plan to completely redesign their garden and 5% said that they were spending their hard-earned cash on a garden project this year instead of going away. Though the survey didn’t ask why holidays are being shunned, it’s likely the latest round of BA strikes and the volcanic-ash cloud that’s still hanging around will have added to people’s uncertainties.

    As you’d expect,’s survey questions were biased towards insurance, particularly theft from their gardens: 25% said they have had items stolen from their gardens or damaged by intruders and the same percentage expressed their concern over garden security.

    The most common items stolen were

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