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Product Advice

  1. Cutting Edge Borders

    Cutting Edge Borders

    Borders Provide Your Garden Design with A Cutting Edge

    A painting without a frame is, well, unframed. A haircut without a slight snip to ‘take it over the ears’ is unfinished and not ready for the mirror to see the back of your head. And a garden without border edges is how the words on a page look without my reading glasses - all a slightly bit blurred. Strong borders also allow you to cut and shape your lawn or border to the exact shape you need. A line trimmer gets up close and personal to keep things tidy. Your garden simply looks better for it.

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  2. Beef Up Your Shed Security

    Beef Up Your Shed Security

    Now is the Time to Bolster Your Shed Security

    Shed security has always been one of the key considerations when maintaining or purchasing a garden shed.

    Now autumn is here and the nights are drawing in, it is more essential than ever to address this issue.

    Expensive garden tools, bicycles and luxury outdoor furniture are like magnets to thieves, and if you don’t secure your shed then you’re asking for trouble.

    Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your shed security and safeguard those valuable stored items.

    Ways to Beef Up Your Shed Security

    a wo

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  3. Garden and Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas During Winter

    Garden and Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas During Winter

    The first day of winter is very nearly upon us; Jack Frost’s icy grip is tightening on Britain, attacking us with sleet, snow and freezing winds. At this time of year, one would probably worry about whether there is enough time to finish the Christmas Shopping and perhaps not the rattan set sitting on the patio, but maybe your garden furniture deserves a quick thought?

    Your beautiful outdoor bench and chairs are a statement piece in the garden; they deserve some protection from the elements during the winter season. Of course, modern furniture is constructed from a range of high quality materials but, as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Come the summer, you want to ensure everything will be in pristine condition to impress the neighbours at barbecues and garden parties.

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  4. Your Guide to Bike Sheds and Storage

    Your Guide to Bike Sheds and Storage

    Store & Secure Your Bike

    Your bike is an investment. If you have a family, you'll most likely have more than one bike. Are they left out to face the elements? At risk of theft? Or are they cluttering up the garage or hallway, tripping you up time and time again.

    The solution? A bike store!

    Types of Bike Storage

    Wooden Bike Sheds

    Best kept in a garden or side passageway, wooden bike stores should be kept out of sight of opportunistic passers-by. Admittedly more vulnerable than their metal counterparts, they look fantastic, blending in perfectly with a traditional garden thanks to their natural appearance.

    You also have the option to

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  5. The Best Plastic Storage Boxes for 2017

    Plastic stores can be the perfect solution for your garden storage needs: easy to assemble, low maintenance and durable, plus the variety of sizes and designs ensures there is a plastic store for every garden.

    Suncast Deck Box Side table (SHS19416): blow moulded construction has created a strong, double walled, durable resin side table with a hinged lid. Java in colour and a wicker lookalike, it blends into any patio area, modern or traditional. It is perfect for storing smaller items and obviously as a side table for lanterns, candles and drinks. Once put together (and that takes minutes) there is little or no maintenance. A quick wipe down with warm, soapy water is all it needs to keep this beauty looking in tip-top condition. Each side tabl

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  6. Log store plans

    If you have a wood burner, you have to have a supply of dry logs. And that’s 'dry' as in seasoned and 'dry' as in not dripping wet from last night rain. A log store is the answer.

    an end view of logs of different sizesa log fire against a dark background

    Log store plans

    A good log store allows great air circulation between the logs (ideally, in a good stack the gaps between the logs should be large enough to allow a mouse to run through). All you really need is a roof on the thing to keep the rain off. Utilising the side of a shed is a great idea if it is handily placed; in fact, some of our sheds feature i

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  7. Log store design ideas

    Log store design ideas

    Log burners are a must-have item and to keep one well fed you will need to stack your logs. A log store needs to keep the worst of the rain off your logs and allow air to circulate around the wood. If you just dump all your wooden logs in a heap and expect them to get on with it, then you are destined for disappointment. A log store will make sure your logs are ready to use at the drop of a hat (or the drop in temperature).

    Different ideas to utilise space

    A log store needs to have a roof and be deep enough to allow a couple of layers deep of logs. Ideally, it will be placed near the house or wherever the log burner is situated. It saves that mid evening dash up the garden, head torch in place, in freezing temperatures to stock up.

    1. Log stores are easily situated next to sheds, indeed utilising one wall of the shed (or garage) – think of one as a lean-to store.
    2. You could utilise the space below a large potting table if you have one outside. 
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  8. How to build a log store

    How to build a log store

    There has been a massive upsurge in wood burner installations. This has obviously resulted in many more piles of wood being stored in preparation for colder nights. But only dry wood burns well, so a log store is an essential part of the garden.

    Dry wood can mean two things. Wood can be dry in that the overall moisture content is low i.e. it has been cut and dried for a year or more, resulting in a material that will burn efficiently. Dry can also mean it has been kept out of the rain and is dry to the touch. A moisture meter will tell you the moisture content, and handling the split wood logs will give an indication of whether or not it has been sitting out in the rain for weeks. The idea is that with dry logs you won't need your fire to drive out the moisture before it gives off any heat. It stops that rather tiresome smouldering look.

    Keeping wood dry

    But to dry wood, or to keep wood dry, you nee

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  9. Can log cabins be used throughout autumn and winter?

    Man leaning against a wall If you've been watching Kevin McCloud's“Man Made Home” on Channel 4, then you probably have a mild case of log cabin obsession by now. It's a great programme which follows Kevin and chums as they build an eco-shed retreat (which is frankly more of a grand log cabin by the end) on a woodland plot in Somerset. All the wood and materials were sourced from the nearby woodland or salvaged from scrap yards. Everything else was made by hand.

    Building log cabins in the woods, from scratch, is probably a little beyond most of our abilities and resources. Luckily, there are many flatpack log cabins

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  10. Power Your Shed with A Solar Power Station

    Power Your Shed with A Solar Power Station

    Get the most out of your shed, workshop, summer house or log cabin with a solar power station or solar lighting kit. 

    Offering more than just light, you can charge devices, run 12v appliances and work on your laptop - all without the need for an electrician.

    Read on to find out more.

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