Log Cabins

If you own a log cabin, or are thinking of buying one, be sure to make the most of it. Our Log Cabin Blogs cover all you need to know, including working from home, installing power and more.

  1. Work from Home with a Wooden Garden Office

    Anyone who works from home knows that their workspace needs to be just right. This can mean either privacy or availability,

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  2. Getting power to your garden building

    Garden sheds are a great place for people to store their stuff. If you’re restrained, that stuff probably includes useful things like tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture. If, like me, you’re more of a magpie, there will be the inevitable pots of

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  3. Do I Need Planning Permission for Sheds or Log Cabins?

    A question we often get asked is “Do I need planning permission”? Usually, this is aimed at our log cabins, sometimes our larger garden sheds and, in one memorable conversation, at our compost bins…

    With the current economic climate and ‘diff

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  4. Find your perfect log cabin – our top picks

     Find your perfect log cabin – our top picks

    16x13 Mendip 44mm Shingle Roof Log Cabin

    The Sancerre is one of our largest cabins, perfect for creating an additional living space in your garden. A spacious and elegantly designed cabin, made from high quality Nordic spruce, the thick 44mm interlocking wall logs provide a solid and robust structure. 44mm walls plus double glazed windows ensure the heat is retained within the cabin during the colder months as well as keeping a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

    With plenty of head room inside – 2.4 metres in fact, the interior space is never-ending and fit for endless uses. Whether you chose to use this space as a home gym, an office, entertaining room or kids retreat, the Sancerre has been built to last and will be with you for years to come.

    The stunning cabin is topped with shingle roof tiles which gives a beautiful finishing touch and most importantly protects the roof from the elements!

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  5. How to apply for planning permission

    How to apply for planning permission

    Garden sheds, log cabins and greenhouses are great additions to nearly every garden – but the rules about what you can build can be complicated.

    Most ‘outbuildings’, as they are referred to, are considered to be ‘permitted development’ and so do

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  6. Adding functional space to your garden

    Garden sheds are a mainstay of most gardens – But you may never have considered log cabins, which offer an extremely versatile space.

    Whether you're thinking of set-up a home gym, provide more space for entertaining and alfresco dinning or just want to have a home office, log cabins can provide the space and comfort you need.

    Often you don't need planning permission, but always check with your local Council.

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  7. Log Cabins UK - Garden Office Retreats and Kids Play Rooms

    Log Cabins UK - Garden Office Retreats and Kids Play Rooms

    Why A Log Cabin?

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