1. Working wonders with Botanical PaperWorks

    Working wonders with Botanical PaperWorks

    We spoke with Kelly from Botanical PaperWorks about what they do, the importance of eco-friendly products and practices, and some great tips for saving water while you garden. Check out the interview below!

    Our interview with Botanical PaperWorks

    1. You are a world-leading producer of eco-friendly seed paper. How did your interest in this area begin?

    It actually all began with a mother-daughter duo, Mary Reimer, a teacher and Heidi Reimer-Epp, a marketing and business professional. Before the time of recycling, Mary was looking for ways to reuse leftover paper from her students and discovered eco-friendly papermaking. The two were excited to try new ideas and it eventually became a full-time passion. After creating Heidi’s wedding stationery and receiving much praise over the creativity of the seed paper, a business was born.

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  2. Chelsea Flower Show with Guy Barter from the RHS

    Chelsea Flower Show with Guy Barter from the RHS

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner, and we wanted to catch up with Guy Barter, Chief Hortifulturist at the RHS, about what is going on this year, how the community is getting involved, and the importance of community gardening.  Take

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  3. An interview with Stanmer Community Gardening Group

    An interview with Stanmer Community Gardening Group

    Following on from our showcase last year on community gardening projects across the UK, we have conducted an interview with Jeanne from Stanmer Community Gardening Group on the current projects t

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  4. Gold for Bradley Wiggins – owes his victory to time spent in his garden shed

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Bradley Wiggins won gold in cycling for the men's time trial.

    Wiggins beat German, Tony Martin, by being 42 seconds faster. He has now beaten Sir Steve Redgrave for having the most O

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