Whether you’re a novice gardener or a green-fingered expert, we’ve got plenty of greenhouse and gardening advice for you in our Greenhouse Blogs.

  1. Your January Garden

    Your January Garden

    New Years resolutions and a promise to work off the excesses of the festive period – that's January for many. Unfortunately for some, January 2016 is also a time to clear up after devastating the floods. Gardens will be low priority for many in the b

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  2. Your December Garden

    Your December Garden

    As feverish talk about the odds of a white Christmas give way to the premature shattering of New Year’s resolutions, it would be fair to say that in winter gardeners have an excuse to sit back, snooze and dream of spring. With the lowest light levels o

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  3. Your November Garden

    Your November Garden

    November can be a mixed up month. The halfway house between autumn and winter when leaves, particularly this year, cling on and show wonderful colour, whilst birds start tapping at windows asking for feeders to be filled and birdbaths to be cleaned

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  4. Your October Garden

    Your October Garden

    Just because many plants are losing their leaves and preparing for winter doesn't mean gardeners should slow down. In fact, this is one of the most active times of the year, with what we do now having a massive impact on how our garden will look next

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  5. Growing your own – a guide to planting and growing flowers, food & herbs

    Growing your own – a guide to planting and growing flowers, food & herbs

    Gardening is an amazing and very rewarding past-time, which is enjoyed by many people across the globe and by a variety of age groups. If you're tired of just having a simple lawn, there are countless ways that you can enhance your garden. Through

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  6. Extend your Gardening Season with a Greenhouse

    With a long, warm summer behind us, now is the time to start thinking about extending your gardening season towards the colder months. A garden greenhouse is a great way to optimise the way you grow fruit and vegetables, making the most of your crop

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  7. Flying the flag for growing your own

    Flying the flag for growing your own

    With increasing awareness of what we should be eating as a nation, people in the UK are taking a genuine interest in what is ending up on the kitchen table, and the term 'Grow Your Own' is sprouting up everywhere.

    A leading UK garden centre

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