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  1. Your September Garden

    Your September Garden

    School children go back to their learning institutions resplendent in over-sized blazers and blister-inducing, shiny black shoes. Crows and ravens return noisily to nest uncomfortably close in neighbours’ trees. Strictly Come Dancing revs up for its sprint to Christmas and…..there’s plenty to be getting on with in the garden. There are lots of crops to pick, dahlias to cut, gladioli to stake against the breeze as thoughts turn to planting again. After all, the soil is warm, the soil is moist, the soil is ready. September is a marvellous month.

    OK, it’s getting darker earlier in the evenings and the grass is sodden with dew every morning, but there is a magical smell to September. The first leaves are turning red (my own Amelanchier is well on the turn now and promises a fiery show – again, as it never fails to impress). Courgettes need picking as mildew will soon slow and stop the growth of plants.

    Hopefully, your onions did well and are languishing in wooden trays i

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  2. Our top garden products for autumn & winter

    With autumn already underway and winter fast approaching, the colourful shades of summer are fading and your garden will need to be prepared for the colder months. Autumn is a busy time with much preparation needed, so here are our five favourite products to get your garden ready for the hard-working months ahead.

    Get your garden ready for autumn/winter with our favourite garden products

    6 x 2 Hillhout Caldo Double Log Store

    If you want more than just a simple log store to keep your logs dry in the autumn, then look no further – this Caldo Double log store has everything you need and more providing a versatile garden storage solution. With its two sections and two shelves, you will not only be able to keep your logs dry, but also organise your kindling and any other equipment you may need.

    Although a

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  3. Customer showcase – Will’s garden

    One of the most rewarding parts of being an online retailer is seeing our products in their new homes.

    There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the photographs sent in by our happy customers showing their Buy Sheds Direct products in their gardens. It’s a great way to see how different people style our products and to see what they’re being used for.

    As we’ve seen previously on Shed of the Year, the humble garden shed can be used for so many different purposes – from practical to just downright wacky! A garden shed is a great way to add extra storage to your garden or to be used as a place to relax and unwind. We’ve even seen a garden shed used to house a crocodile!

    We will be sharing images which have been sent into us from our lovely customers to show a range of our products in their brand new homes and seeing what differ

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  4. Your August Garden

    Your August Garden

    I'm not sure where the year is going as August tips over onto the calendar and everything in the garden is growing so quickly. In the greenhouse, the cucumbers and tomatoes are, to say the least, prolific. Cucumbers are being passed over the garden hedge to neighbours and no visitor to the house goes away empty-handed. I do wish the aubergines would get a move on though. Lots of leaves, plenty of flowers but no fruit yet so I'm helping the pollination along by tapping the plants as I do with the tomatoes (fingers crossed they’ll hurry up as moussaka is a favourite!).

    Temperatures in the greenhouse reach extraordinarily high levels on sunny days, even in the UK. I always make sure to open the door and damp the floor (but I still reckon the temperatures have 'cooked' some embryonic cucumbers). However, the plants do look great so any of the few fruits that fall off early won't be missed.

    I've got a lot of plants growing in containers and they need a litt

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  5. Your July Garden

    Your July Garden

    July brings plenty of flowers, the first pickings from my small veg plot and cucumber after cucumber from the greenhouse. I've also revisited my past and started a cacti collection again – takes me back decades – with plenty to do in the garden. Watering of hanging baskets, containers and pots, checking for bugs on my roses and feeding where plants look hungry. It's a proper gardening month!

    What to do for your July garden

    • Feed plants growing in containers and hanging baskets. The built in fertiliser in most compost is now exhausted and plants are really getting into their stride.
    • Nip off all flowers as they fade to encourage more to be produced. Bedding plants respond to this treatment well.
    • Feed tomatoes when the first fruits start to swell. Regular watering is the key to successful tomato growing.
    • Damp down the floors in greenhouses to keep humidity high and reduce the stress your plants are under.
    • If yo
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  6. Working wonders with Botanical PaperWorks

    Working wonders with Botanical PaperWorks

    We spoke with Kelly from Botanical PaperWorks about what they do, the importance of eco-friendly products and practices, and some great tips for saving water while you garden. Check out the interview below!

    Our interview with Botanical PaperWorks

    1. You are a world-leading producer of eco-friendly seed paper. How did your interest in this area begin?

    It actually all began with a mother-daughter duo, Mary Reimer, a teacher and Heidi Reimer-Epp, a marketing and business professional. Before the time of recycling, Mary was looking for ways to reuse leftover paper from her students and discovered eco-friendly papermaking. The two were excited to try new ideas and it eventually became a full-time passion. After creating Heidi’s wedding stationery and receiving much praise over the creativity of the seed paper, a business was born.

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  7. Find your perfect log cabin – our top picks

     Find your perfect log cabin – our top picks

    16x13 Mendip 44mm Shingle Roof Log Cabin

    The Sancerre is one of our largest cabins, perfect for creating an additional living space in your garden. A spacious and elegantly designed cabin, made from high quality Nordic spruce, the thick 44mm interlocking wall logs provide a solid and robust structure. 44mm walls plus double glazed windows ensure the heat is retained within the cabin during the colder months as well as keeping a comfortable temperature during the summer months.

    With plenty of head room inside – 2.4 metres in fact, the interior space is never-ending and fit for endless uses. Whether you chose to use this space as a home gym, an office, entertaining room or kids retreat, the Sancerre has been built to last and will be with you for years to come.

    The stunning cabin is topped with shingle roof tiles which gives a beautiful finishing touch and most importantly protects the roof from the elements!

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  8. Chelsea Flower Show with Guy Barter from the RHS

    Chelsea Flower Show with Guy Barter from the RHS

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner, and we wanted to catch up with Guy Barter, Chief Hortifulturist at the RHS, about what is going on this year, how the community is getting involved, and the importance of community gardening.  Take a look at our interview with him below:

    Our interview with Guy Barter on RHS Chelsea

    1. You are involved with the RHS Chelsea show this May, what sort of things are you going to be doing?

    I will be particularly involved with the RHS greening Grey Britain Garden which is scheduled to be reused after the show in a park in Brixton, a deprived area of south London. I will be supporting the residents in helping plant the Chelsea garden before the show and their attendance a press event on the Monday and after the show will help them replant the garden in Brixton. Then a launch event in Brixton with the Evening Standard who have sponsored the garden.

    2. Being part of such

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  9. Find your perfect garden decking – our top five

    Find your perfect garden decking – our top five

    Are you looking to add an extra element to your garden – a space to relax and entertain? Decking is a great solution. We are the largest web retailer of decking in the UK and offer a substantial range of garden deck boards, joists, handrail systems and deck kits.

    Firstly you need to choose a deck board, here we will be showcasing our top sellers;

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  10. April’s top 5 space and garden storage solutions

    The weather has been a bit hit and miss throughout April, but that doesn't mean that Summer isn't on the way! One of the first things you need to do to get ready for Summer is to take a look at your outdoor buildings and structures to check them for damage or anything that needs repairing.

    Of course, if you are looking to replace some of your storage for the summer, or think you need a little extra space this year to relax in, check out the great selection below.

    The best garden storage solutions

    1. 8x6 Apex double door pressure treated overlap shed

    Part of our brand new shed range, the 8x6 apex double door shed boasts many great features which have been designed to ensure a long lasting shed which is great value for money and perfect for any garde

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