Community Gardening

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Allotments

    A Beginner’s Guide to Allotments

    You’ve had your name on the waiting list for months, you get the phone call and – yes! - you are, at last, an allotment holder. Now you need to plan. 

    The Small Print 

    The first thing is to check over your assigned allotment to ensure all is good. Ask the council (if council owned) or site representative if any extra services are available. Some will rotavate plots free of charge - but only do this if the plot is weed free. Otherwise you will be propagating mare’s tail, bindweed and couch grass. 

    Check the local rules and regs. There won't be anything too daunting but they should answer questions regarding bonfires, water use, upkeep and any discounts at local shops. 

    Pay your rent! It isn't usually

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  2. Top 5 UK Gardening Blogs

    Top 5 UK Gardening Blogs

    No longer do gardeners have to spend their weekends and evenings trawling through the age-hardened pages of endless magazines, or struggle with heavy, outdated textbooks just to find the answer to a simple horticultural question. In today’s world, thanks to the wonders of the internet, a quick search yields thousands of results in mere seconds. Atop Google’s results for all things flowers and vegetables? The UK’s premier gardening and allotment blogs, of course. 

    Is there a better way of discovering the tried and tested tricks of the trade, the old tips, and the new ideas, than spending a quiet moment or two reading the musings of experienced gardeners, conveniently condensed into relatable, entertaining articles? We think not. We’ve done our research and analysed dozens of different blogs to find our favourites; why not take the time to browse through a few of th

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  3. An interview with Stanmer Community Gardening Group

    An interview with Stanmer Community Gardening Group

    Following on from our showcase last year on community gardening projects across the UK, we have conducted an interview with Jeanne from Stanmer Community Gardening Group on the current projects they are running. They are a fantastic group of people and their project is extremely valuable to the community, so we are delighted to have been able to speak to Jeanne about it.

    The interview

    How would you describe your project and what you do?

    Stanmer Community Garden Group is a gardening group for vulnerable adults.  It is run by volunteers for volunteers, in a mutually supportive group. Growing food for ourselves and to sell to a local veg box scheme; A Share of the Crop, we fund ourselves and buy everything we need.  We invite our volunteers to give us ideas to improve and promote the group, so by these means, we now have a website, a Facebook page, days out and treats in.

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  4. A look at community garden projects in the UK

    A look at community garden projects in the UK

    Here on the Green Fingers blog we’ve been keen to draw attention to the brilliant work that gardening groups have been doing around Britain to help their communities. It’s fantastic to see the dedication of gardeners and volunteers who try to bring their communities together by working hard to improve and transform their environments.

    There were some outstanding achievements in 2015 which have really inspired us.

    Community garden projects

    RHS and It’s Your Neighbourhood

    The Royal Horticultural Society is also running a campaign to help grassroots gardening with the Its Your Neighbourhood drive. Britain in Bloom is the RHS’s long-running competition to judge which town, village or community has managed to create the most environment. It’s not just about planting and maintaining flower beds and greenery – it has become a major initiative to ‘clean up and green up’ the local area.

    While Britain in Bloom is often led by local au

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  5. Inspiring community gardening projects of 2015

    Inspiring community gardening projects of 2015

    Gardening groups around the UK are devoting their free time to helping others, growing together and creating a space for everyone in their local area to enjoy. The Green Fingers blog will always be dedicated to bringing gardeners and communities together and we think that the spirit these groups have shown deserves to be celebrated. So to share with you a few of the amazing people and projects devoted to their communities, here's our collection of inspiring community gardening projects from 2015.


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