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  1. 5 Small Summer Houses for Sale Under £900

    5 Small Summer Houses for Sale Under £900

    Benefits of All Summer Houses 

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own small summer house - a hideaway where you can escape the competing demands of the modern world?

    Safely tucked away within the grounds of your family home, a garden summer house is the perfect place for you to relax and unwind.

    The 7x5 Shire Lumley Superior Wooden Garden Summerhouse, painted teal and cream, situated on a patio, with plant pots at either side.

    A Summer House Just for You

    What type of summer house would you ch

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  2. Garden Furniture Ideas

    Garden Furniture Ideas

    Garden Furniture Ideas Just for You

    As summer begins and we spend more of our time outdoors, comfortable garden furniture is a must.

    A couple of tired-looking camping chairs, full of holes and with wonky legs, just won’t do if you've taken the trouble to make the rest of your garden look just so.

    In order to properly enjoy your time outside and keep your garden looking at its best, we recommend investing in some of our exquisite outdoor furniture.

    The Rowlinson Hampton Wooden Garden Companion Seat, situated in a beautif

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