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  1. How to turn your shed into a cosy winter hideaway

    How to turn your shed into a cosy winter hideaway

    Be it a Man Cave or She Shed, a secret snug is a place to savour. If yours is draughty, leaky and prone to spiders, moths and mice, then perhaps you need to put a little effort in to get it cosy. It doesn't take much.

    Clear the clutter

    No-one wants to share a space with a torn hessian sack or half empty and damp bag of charcoal (or is that just me?). With the rubbish gone, give the whole place a tidy. Find space elsewhere (garage perhaps?) for anything you don't use every week and then get to work adding the comfy factor.

    Make your shed practical

    If you are planning to use your shed for long periods of time stick some insulation in place. It's easily done and will instantly make things warmer. Same goes for de-draughting windows and doors. Then you need a heater. Think carefully as chances are there are some pretty flammable substances in the shed – so move them out or take into account when choosing.  And always think of safety –

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  2. Your September Garden

    Your September Garden

    School children go back to their learning institutions resplendent in over-sized blazers and blister-inducing, shiny black shoes. Crows and ravens return noisily to nest uncomfortably close in neighbours’ trees. Strictly Come Dancing revs up for its sprint to Christmas and…..there’s plenty to be getting on with in the garden. There are lots of crops to pick, dahlias to cut, gladioli to stake against the breeze as thoughts turn to planting again. After all, the soil is warm, the soil is moist, the soil is ready. September is a marvellous month.

    OK, it’s getting darker earlier in the evenings and the grass is sodden with dew every morning, but there is a magical smell to September. The first leaves are turning red (my own Amelanchier is well on the turn now and promises a fiery show – again, as it never fails to impress). Courgettes need picking as mildew will soon slow and stop the growth of plants.

    Hopefully, your onions did well and ar

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  3. Shed of the Year 2015: The Third Episode

    Last night saw the third installment of the current TV series, Amazing Spaces: Shed of the year. Halfway through the competition, we saw 8 more sheds to add to the 16 we have already seen and this week’s categories were Pub Sheds and Budget Sheds. The two winners of this episode will join the previous 4 winners from the first two episodes. Who will win the title of Britain’s best shed?

    Episode 3

    Pub Sheds

    The first category this week was Pub sheds and we were shown Walter’s creation, a converted chicken shed to now a gin distillery. At £650 and two years of hard work he transformed the chicken shed using junk he has acquired over the years to create his own 400 sq. ft. saloon distillery. Walter used off-cut timbers to clad the saloon and this gives it the rustic Wild West charm that it boasts. The polycarbonate roof allows in an abundance of light a

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  4. Top 5 Garden Storage Solutions

    Choosing the right garden storage solution can be a task in itself. If you've out grown your humble garden shed, you might want to consider a smaller garden storage chest or tool store? These are easily secured and provide the storage space you need. Here are our top 5 favourites to help you decide which is best for you.

    Our Top 5 Storage Chests, Trunk & Tool Stores:

    Wooden overlap Garden Chest

    Overlap Garden Chest - £73.99 (was

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  5. A Guide to Turning Your Shed into a Garden Workshop

    Large wooden shed with windows

    You may already house all your garden and power tools in your good old garden shed, but the space could easily be converted from a storage area into a functional workshop. It needn't be a damp, cold place to work, with a little planning you can make an inviting place to carry out those niggling DIY jobs,which you've always wanted too.

    If you don't already have a shed you could get a purpose built sheds to use as a workshop. These wooden workshop sheds provide ample space (up to 12'x8') at a reasonable price. Several of our Metal sheds are also expandable to you can increase the size of your workshop as you need to.

    Many of these workshop sheds are large enough to house a motorbike, so you can work on your prized motorbike out of the unpredictable British weather.

    Making yo

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  6. Garden shed security tips

    When thinking about buying garden sheds, there are several things which can affect security aside from your choice of shed. You may think that by ordering a security shed, you don’t need to worry about the safety of whatever is inside. Yes, a ‘security shed’ with no windows is one of the more secure options, but there is a lot more to consider.

    Garden sheds can contain valuable assets and criminals are very aware of this. Whether your shed is used as a bike shed, to store garden furniture or a lawn mower, you should look into keeping your possessions secure and out of sight.

    There is no use in buying a shed, plonking it at the end of the garden, loading it with gear and not thinking about the protection of whatever is inside. If you spend three figures on a garden shed and cheapen out on a padlock or alarm, you may as well not bother with a shed in the first place. Here are a few pointers in the right direction to give your shed the security it dese

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  7. Shed of the Year 2015: The second episode

    Last night saw the second episode of the fantastic “Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year” and wasn’t it a great one! This week was the “Unique and Historical” category and saw some really amazing outside spaces. The winners of this week will join the Owl House and the Maid of Dekkin from last week’s episode, all in for the chance to win and take the crown for 2015’s shed of the year.

    Episode 2 contenders

    The “Unique” Category

    The first shed we saw this week from the unique category was the stunning Japanese tea house shed that overlooked the Koi pond. It really did look like you had stepped into ancient Japan. Linda and Derek were inspired to create the Japanese tea house without even being to Japan but they have done an amazing job. Inside the tea house w

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  8. Working form Home: Using your Shed or Log Cabin as a Garden Office

    Man sitting in garden office

    Home working is becoming increasingly popular, especially when many companies and public sector employers are introducing desk sharing. Shedworking is not a new idea, as several writers and artists have taken to their sheds for solace in the past – most notably George Bernard Shaw worked from his revolving shed.

    Some people are even lucky enough to have summerhouses or even log cabins, which can double up as an excellent working environment away from any distractions.

    Working from home is an increasingly viable choice as most homes have extremely fast and reliable internet access.

    The advantages are obvious, no tiresome commuting so you save on fares/tickets/petrol as well as saving you time. If you're running your own business from home, then you'll be saving on start-up cos

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  9. Can log cabins be used throughout autumn and winter?

    Man leaning against a wall If you've been watching Kevin McCloud's“Man Made Home” on Channel 4, then you probably have a mild case of log cabin obsession by now. It's a great programme which follows Kevin and chums as they build an eco-shed retreat (which is frankly more of a grand log cabin by the end) on a woodland plot in Somerset. All the wood and materials were sourced from the nearby woodland or salvaged from scrap yards. Everything else was made by hand.

    Building log cabins in the woods, from scratch, is probably a little beyond most of our abilities and resources. Luckily, there are many

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  10. Power your Shed with a Solar Power Station

    Our environmentally friendly solar panels for sheds will save you money

    Not only will using one of our solar power hubs be eco-friendly, but it is also a lot easier and cheaper way of getting electricity to your shed or garden building.

    Solar Panel Solar power stations

    We now have several solar power hub stations so that you can easily supply electricity to your garden building, without having to pay for an electrician to lay a power line. These systems have the advantage of providing bill-free electricity without impacting the environment.

    These amazing solar hubs provide lighting - in a choice of strip lights or pendants - as well as power to charge a device or run a 12v accesso

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