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  1. Shed of the Year is back!

    Shed of the Year is back!

    Shed of the Year is back for 2016! We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic entries hoping to win the coveted grand prize and be crowned Best Shed of 2016.

    Last year saw some incredible creations, and we covered all of them from the entries right through to the winner of the competition. It is greeat to see so many people getting involved and making something special out of something so ordinary, so this year we are doing a feature on the whole competition, starting with the categories and how to enter.

    The Categories

    This year, the categories have changed slightly, so here is a quick run-down of the type of entries you can expect to see:


    Replacing what used to be the ‘Normal’ category, this category focuses on what is inside the shed. The main goal of this category is to have the last thing anyone would expect to be inside your shed, so the stranger the better!

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  2. Top tips for setting up a garden workshop

    Top tips for setting up a garden workshop

    If you enjoy DIY or have a hobby that involves making things, then you’ve probably discovered that making a mess inside the house doesn’t go down well with the rest of your family. A garden workshop is the ideal solution – a dedicated space for you to tinker and fix things in peace.

    But setting up a garden workshop is a job in its own right, and with every home project, it pays to plan ahead. We’ve assembled some tips of our own for getting the most out of your garden workshop.

    What every garden workshop needs


    Unless you’re a period artisan who only uses hand-held, unpowered tools during daylight hours, you’ll need an electricity supply for lighting and your electric drill. Consider how you’ll get power to your garden shed – you could lay a cable under the lawn. Get a qualified electrician to do the tricky stuff, but you can save some money by doing the digging yourself. An

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  3. How Playhouses Encourage Outdoor Play

    How Playhouses Encourage Outdoor Play

    Encourage Your Child to Play Outdoors

    Children are spending less and less time outdoors – and it’s having an impact on their development, well-being, and mental health. A recent study revealed that 74 percent of children spend less time outside than prison inmates. Although prisoners get at least one hour a day in the open air, the survey of parents found that nearly three-quarters of 5-12-year-olds were inside almost all the time, playing on screens.

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