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  1. How important are community gardens?

    How important are community gardens?

    Community gardening is a growing movement in Britain that can really invigorate local communities. A community garden is run by a group of people from the local area who work together to create a beautiful, open green space, often with a focus on fresh produce.

    Evidence from the USA and Australia, where community gardens have a long history, shows that they can help create a more cohesive community, reduce crime, help young people develop life skills and even prevent childhood obesity through the availability of fresh produce. Even some British allotment groups are embracing the idea, moving away from an individual focus on small plots to create a more open space that is managed by the community. No wonder that they are becoming more and more popular in Britain.

    Investing and participating in community gardens

    With Britain’s roads getting busier every year, people retreat inside their homes and seldom get the chance to meet their neighbours. Developing a co

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  2. Your January Garden

    Your January Garden

    New Years resolutions and a promise to work off the excesses of the festive period – that's January for many. Unfortunately for some, January 2016 is also a time to clear up after devastating the floods. Gardens will be low priority for many in the big clear up, and it will be little comfort to know that many plants and lawns will naturally recover after a few weeks. However, I'm sure that a little comfort is better than no comfort at all.

    The temperatures this year are unusually warm and plants have continued to grow through the winter months. I've even cut the grass a couple of times to keep things looking tidy. Bulbs are growing quickly and the snowdrops appear to be a few weeks ahead of their usual timings. Daffodils are surging ahead and will be blooming early. Of course, we might get a cold spell (February can be nasty) but to be honest, I'm loving the mild conditions especially as the qualified electrician isn't booked to install electricity in my new greenhouse

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