Christmas guide to choosing a children’s playhouse

A children’s playhouse is an excellent addition to a garden – it’s a great way of encouraging them to come outside and be active instead of sitting in front of a screen. They can be used all year round as well, so can be ideal as a special Christmas gift.

What sort of playhouse is best?

There are four main types of playhouses available, with a variety of features that will appeal to children in different ways.

  • Wooden playhouses are the traditional and most popular type of playhouse.
  • Plastic playhouses are easier to build and maintain, and they are often cheaper than wood, but may not last as long.
  • Tower playhouses are supported on stilts, giving the children a view over the whole garden
  • Slide playhouses are also raised off the ground and come with a short slide – perfect for toddlers and young children.

Key factors to consider when buying a playhouse

1. Material – wood or plastic?

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