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  1. Your December Garden

    Your December Garden

    As feverish talk about the odds of a white Christmas give way to the premature shattering of New Year’s resolutions, it would be fair to say that in winter gardeners have an excuse to sit back, snooze and dream of spring. With the lowest light levels of the year, impending snow warnings and reports on how local councils are running out of grit, winter is usually bottom of any favourite season of the year poll.

    But there is plenty to be doing in the garden and that all-important spring is approaching, and work done now will pay dividends in a few weeks time. Of course, a little hibernation is OK for some, it undoubtedly recharges the batteries, but a gardening activity every day will keep you ahead of the game.

    Winter, miserable? Not a chance.

    Introduction to the season – winter

    Wet and mild, followed by frost and wind. That’s winter!

    A real mixed bag is to be expected and to be honest, plants are relatively O

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  2. How to stack and store logs for the winter

    Wood burners have really taken off in recent years and there’s nothing quite like having a toasty warm house that’s heated with a real fire. The only problem with them is their insatiable appetite for wood – and that means you’ll need something to store all those logs.

    This becomes particularly important during the winter months – not just because it’s colder but because of the rain, and in Britain there’s plenty of it to go round. Wet wood burns badly so you need to know the best ways to keep your wood dry and rot-free. The last thing you need when the frost is nipping at your toes is to be trying light a sodden log. Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks for stacking and storing your logs in the winter.

    First, take one log...

    The first thing to do of course is to find your wood. Some people buy it but others like to collect scraps of fallen wood from their local parks or woodlands. Wherever you source your wood – and please make sure it’

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  3. Your November Garden

    Your November Garden

    November can be a mixed up month. The halfway house between autumn and winter when leaves, particularly this year, cling on and show wonderful colour, whilst birds start tapping at windows asking for feeders to be filled and birdbaths to be cleaned and topped up. It's also the traditional month to be burning dried twigs, cuttings and twigs. It's a cathartic process of clean up and a superb time to get things in tip top order before the real winter strikes. Sheds and greenhouses can be tidied and any stored crops in either should be checked for any signs of rots. Mice are coming back in from the fields so make sure they haven't spotted your onions and root crops. Teeth marks on your tubers are most off-putting. There's also plenty to be planting in November. Wallflowers look and smell terrific in spring if plants are put in now. Shrubs can be planted if the soil is dry and warm. If the soil sticks to your boots then it is too wet to work. If it is deep frozen then keep your spade in

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