Your October Garden

Just because many plants are losing their leaves and preparing for winter doesn't mean gardeners should slow down. In fact, this is one of the most active times of the year, with what we do now having a massive impact on how our garden will look next year.

Some quick tips for the garden in October:

    • Those fallen leaves need sweeping, raking and turning into leaf mould. Half fill a bin liner or old compost sack with leaves. Puncture holes in the bag and leave at the back of the shed for a year. You won't believe how much the contents will improve your soil.

    • Spring flowers come from autumn bulb plantings. Daffodils should be planted early so that bulbs produce some roots before winter (and throughout winter if mild enough). Get in early to get your favourite varieties and the best choice of bulbs. Plant everything except tulips – they go in next month.

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