For many people, the garden shed will need sorting out in the New Year. Over the winter we tend to forget about the garden shed outside, find ourselves throwing bits and bobs in and then they end up missing and therefore we end up replacing them. It’s important to keep your belongings tidy because you will find you will save time, money and effort to keep it presentable.

Buy Sheds Direct are willing to help you have a tidy up in the New Year, and make your new years resolutions become a success. We have plenty of accessories to help you with this and can offer great tips and advice along the way.

To offer you:

  • An indoor tool rack which you can prop your rakes, brooms and spades up against and slot them to keep them stable.
  • A plastic, 5-shelf storage unit for things like, buckets, treatment bottles, anything you want to store! It comfortably supports 150lb when weight is distributed evenly.
  • Silver, galvanised s
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