Monthly Archives: September 2012

  1. Urban Food Week - Edible Open Gardens Day

    This week is is Urban Food Week in London, which is run by Sustain and is a collaboration between Ethical Eats, Capital Growth and others.

    Throughout the week various bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants will be offering food and drink created using locally grown vegetables, herbs and fruit. For a list of places to goin London taking part, see this map.

    Big Dig Edible Open Gardens Event:

    The national project, Big Dig wants to involve more people across the country in local community food growing. This weekend it is hosting an Edible Open Gardens event, during which growing spaces in four cities (Brighton, London, Sheffield and Manchest

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  2. Grow your own food from garden planters on a balcony

    These days, we all want to grow our own food at home in order to reduce our grocery bills or to reduce the distance from soil to table, reducing your carbon foot print. But what if you live in a flat and don't have the a garden? Well, there is a growing community of balcony growers who happily grow all their vegetables ona balcony or myriad of window sills.

    With limited space you need to be cleaver about how you use it and it's best to use planting containers, like our range of planters. Some planters even feature trellis back so as you can really maximise your use of verticals pace.

    However, when growing food on your balcony, don't forget that all that soil can be quite weighty so try not to overload.

    So what can you actually hope to grow?

    Well, your options are quite vast. Most smaller plants such as herbs, chillies, peppers, strawberries or leafy salad crops are ideally suited to be grown in our garden planters. The best performers

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