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  1. Why would I want to maintain my shed? Surely they just look after themselves?

    Man with old shed

    The humble garden shed – highly functional, Tardis-like in its storage abilities, holder of all your clutter and a great retreat for Dad.

    Old shed with overgrown vines We invest a lot of money in our garden sheds and just expect them to last forever, often we neglect their basic maintenance. This is a false economy, maintaining your shed take little effort or time but could result in your shed lasting 20 years or more!

    So it makes perfect sense to keep your shed in good order.

    Getting it right from delivery of your shed

    All of our sheds and garden buildings requi

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  2. Shed of the Year 2015: The first episode

    Last night saw the first episode of channel 4’s “Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year”, a show that explores Britain’s greatest sheds. The show will, excuse the pun, shed light on some of the wackiest and craziest sheds that will inspire and provide ideas on how you can transform your very own shed. This week's episode showed the finalists from the Normal and Eco-Shed categories

    From the "Normal" category

    The first shed that was displayed was Roy’s “Dream City Railway” which houses a huge indoor electric train network that has taken 20 years to build. The contents inside are worth more than his actual house and it really is a marvellous construction. Roy achieved the space by adding more and more sheds as his railway system increased. He even has his own control room!

    The second shed explored was Ben’s “

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  3. Overlap or Tongue and Groove?

    Overlap cladding

    Constructed from rough sawn down boards and finished with a factory applied surface treatment, our 8mm overlap cladding offers:

    • Low maintenance
    • Practical outer shell
    • Rustic appearance
    • Overlap style offers effective water deflection

    Want to know more about overlap cladding? Check out our video below:

    Tongue and groove

    Tongue and groove sheds are manufactured from interlocking tongue and groove boards. The tight fitting nature of this construction material offers greater protection against the elements:

    • Interlocking panels create a more robust structure
    • Superior water protection
    • Stylish finish

    So there are advantages and disadvantages to both, Tongue and groove tends to be a little more expensive due to the features

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  4. Shed of the Year 2015: the finalists

    It may have begun many months ago but now, with less than a week until the public vote closes, the 2015 Shed of the Year competition is drawing to an end. Along the way, we’ve been treated to a host of weird and wonderful creations that demonstrate that the UK’s relationship with the humble garden shed is nothing if not unique.

    More than 2,500 hopefuls entered this year’s competition, all dreaming of winning 2015’s Shed of the Year title. The shed maker that ultimately comes out on top will also receive £1,000 from sponsors Cuprinol, £100 of Cuprinol products and most importantly, a giant crown for their shed.
    The initial vote has now concluded, leaving just four finalists in each of the eight categories. However the public can still have their say on the competition, as the voting for category winners is open until midday 29 May.

    Followers of the competition can vote to determine their favourites in the Eco, Normal, Pub, Workshop & Studio, Unique, Cabin &a

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  5. How to paint a shed

    With Spring here, your focus shifts from the housework to the garden. Painting and Treating your Garden Sheds is an annual thing for most shed owners. Painting your garden sheds is not a strenuous activity and it can bring the family together, but remember, wear some tatty clothes!

    Your Shed is your shed! The colours they can be are endless. You don’t have to stick to one colour, it is entirely up to you.

    Preparation - Before painting your shed, grab yourself a wet cloth and wire brush and remove any dirt, moss or muck from the shed so you have a clean surface to paint. This way you will keep the layer fresh and not miss any patches. Apply masking tape to any edges, window frames and hinges so that you do not spoil the metal. If your shed is on a timber base, we also advise that you lay down a dust sheet to stop any splodges of paint on the surface.

    Priming - Next, apply a generous amount of p

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  6. How to build a shed base on uneven ground

    When purchasing a shed, you firstly need a base. For most people, that is no issue due to a flat garden. However, some gardens are not always flat and have gradients, that’s when installing shed bases becomes a little trickier.

    From experience, the simplest way to build shed bases on uneven ground it to use a foundation of blocks, ideally concrete. This way, to compensate for higher or lower ground on one side you can add or remove blocks to make a level base.

    Tools Required -
    Measuring tape
    Masonry Blocks
    Pea Gravel
    Treated Timber Planks
    Marking posts

    a white measuring tape displaying inches and centimetres

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  7. How to dismantle a shed

    How to dismantle a shed

    If your shed has come to its end and needs to be dismantled and disposed of, let us guide you through how to dismantle the shed safely.

    Each shed will be different to dismantle but following this general rule you will have it down in no time: reverse the build process.

    Before you start, consider placing your shed on a free recycling website. You may find people who are willing to dismantle and remove your shed so they can repair it and reuse it.

    Pitfalls to Prepare For

    When dismantling your shed you will face 4 major problems:

    • Fixtures and screws/nails have rusted. 
    • Parts too heavy to remove yourself. 
    • Broken glass/rotting timber.
    • Disposing of the debris.

    a close up of a r

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  8. Shed of the Year 2015: an update

    We’re just days away from the Shed of the Year Competition closing for entries for 2015 and the entries just keep pouring in. The competition is a fascinating chance to see how innovative and exceptional a garden shed can be and how it’s much more than a convenient outhouse for chucking your tools and gardening paraphernalia into.

    With just days until the competition closes on May 1st, there have been thousands of entries, showing some truly innovative and creative designs from across the country. The UK’s reputation as a nation of ‘Sheddies’ is only further enhanced with this competition which celebrates fun and imagination as well as true design and engineering prowess.

    Here we’re taking a look at all eight categories of shed in the competition and some of the best entries in the Eco Shed, Cabin and Summerhouses, Workshops and Studios and finally Pub Sheds categories.

    The categories

    Eco Sheds

    With a focus on environmental factors and off

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  9. How to build a shed base with paving slabs

    How to build a shed base with paving slabs

    Do I really need a shed base?

    Yes. Most definitely. Without a doubt.

    Placing a shed directly on grass will lead to rot, structural instability and a shorter life for your shed. Skipping this vital step will only lead to problems later on. And they'll probably be sooner rather than later.

    You do have options when it comes to laying your shed base. One of the most common ways to construct a shed base is to use paving slabs. You can also opt for a plastic grid system shed base, a wooden shed base or a concrete shed base.

    A Paving Slab Shed Base

    paving slabsPaving slabs needs to be laid on a level surface. 

    The first thing you will want to

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  10. Soundproofing a shed for drums!

    A love of drumming may not be shared by the whole family or, indeed, the whole neighbourhood. Therefore, a soundproofed shed or summerhouse is a great 'music room' for all that drumming practice. Of course, it will work just as well with other musical instruments.

    If your budget allows, you can employ a specialist company to soundproof your garden building. However, if you are working to a budget and want to try a bit of DIY, our ideas should help you. You will never fully soundproof your shed; however, you can greatly reduce the sound escaping the shed, even if you are on a budget.

    a tongue and groove garden shed

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