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Outdoor Living

It's always possible to make full use of your garden during each season. You can hosting garden parties in Spring, to family BBQs during Summer, al fresco dining in early Autumn or even a Winter garden party with mulled wine and minced pies to enhance your outdoor living.

We can help you maximise the your outdoor living with a great range of BBQs, gazebos, arbours & other garden furniture. Each piece has been carefully selected to add style to your humble garden and allow you to enjoy outdoor living.

Our Wrought Iron Garden Furniture Explained

Historically, wrought iron was an alloy of iron with a particularly low carbon content, when compared to cast iron. Wrought iron was very tough, malleable and could be easily welded which made it an ideal building material. Indeed, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was constructed using this alloy.

Wrought iron was replace by steel in the mid 19th century. These days, items described as wrought iron are often made using of mild-steel, which is still traditional hand worked.

Using wrought iron garden furniture and other items provokes an antique feel to products from a bygone era.