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Take a minute out of your gardening and just add up all your garden machinery, your bike and all the tools are actually worth, it’s a surprisingly high value so you might want to invest in a secure shed option like one of these metal sheds, made out of hot dipped galvanised, strengthened steel, so it’s built just for the job, its also got, and I particularly like this bit, the sliding doors at the front the handles are pre-drilled, you obviously need a padlock on it, its just easy to fit, the dark green panels are powder coated and that’s much durable than ordinary paint, in fact the whole thing has got a 12 year guarantee against rust.

Now don’t be put off when you get, don’t be put off by the big bag of screws that you get, I’m not kidding there’s a lot there, because each of these individual panels and screw top and bottom to make it ridged and secure, they’re all guaranteed against rust, they’re all galvanised so they’re not going to rust.

Look out for the stickers which are included in the fitting instructions and will make sure you have all the parts, once you’re inside its actually got a light and airy feel, its 6x5 so as you can see you can get your mower in there, got your bike in there, stainless steel spades and tools, secateurs, you can get a lot in these metal sheds, its also white in there which gives it the light and airy feel.

You can secure it straight onto hard standing onto slabs, you can use anchors that go down or you can buy an optional floor, bolt it to that with galvanised bearers as well to keep it all nice underneath.

This one is 6ft x 5ft, there are other sizes in the range. It really is a great piece of kit that could save you a fortune.
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For a lot of people a 6ft x 4ft sheds adequate, you then kind of get into the most popular garden shed size which is 8x6 but if you put the two together and add a bit more, you get something like this.

And the first thing that strikes me is the quality of workmanship; the doors are vital in any workshop or shed, look at this, proper locks with great security and that isn’t just bracing, that is solid, that door isn’t going anywhere.

And the front end of this garden shed is 8x6 and the eaves are high, so it’s a light airy feel. Now you can use it for storage if you want to but I reckon that’s a bit of a waste, because we’ve got next door to look at, here, get your work table here, your worktop here, you’ve got your windows which are toughened glass, joinery made, so its all feeling absolutely solid. Absolutely quality workmanship.

Now the wood itself, its kiln dried, it’s slow grown and its all pressure treated with 15 year guarantee against rot. This means you could save at least £150.00 in treatment costs for the garden shed as you don’t to paint or stain it, it can save you a whole lot of time as well.

Its interlocking boards, so its solid, absolute, I can’t actually reach the roof, oh there you go, absolute solid, and the floor thicker than usual and its all standing on pressure treated joists to lift it off the ground. You can put these garden sheds straight onto a hard standing, onto slabs, something like that or you can buy a recycled plastic base for it, it goes on top of that and everything is done for you.

This is only one of a wide range of sizes to suit every space. Now of course it comes with top quality roofing felt but you can upgrade to an extra slatted roof for an even more insulation.

Lets go and see if the neighbours are in, the back section of the workshop is 8ft x 4ft, and that’s a real usable space, you can stand a parasol up because the eaves are so high, lawn mowers are easy to get in and out, the door again is solid, its all premium, quality wood and these braces, really have a look at these, this shed really isn’t going anywhere, its been made by quality craftsmanship.

These garden sheds really are multifunctional, you could use them all as a storage space but I think that’s a bit of a waste with the quality windows and doors at the front, id use that as a workshop or even an office in there and use this section for storage. These really are the ultimate garden sheds.
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