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Garden Shed Security Tips

Security Sheds

Our security sheds have no windows, so you can keep your power tools and gardening equipment away from prying eyes. Quite often they also include a bolt-lock which can be secured with a padlock. All of these garden sheds are built from solid, high quality timber and come in a variety of sizes.

Metal Sheds

For maximum security, why not consider a metal shed. Several feature highly resistant high-gauge galvanised steel and multi-point locking systems. The Citadel Metal Shed was awarded a Level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.


Something as simple as a padlock can be enough to deter the most opportunistic of thief. We also have alarm padlocks which emit an extremely loud noise to scare a thief away.

Pictured: 10x8 Pressure Treated Overlap Security Workshop - £384.99 (was £429.99)

Crime levels across country are on the rise and as a result, security sheds are becoming more popular. In particular, opportunistic theft from garden sheds and garages are on the rise. This is money reports that these thefts are up 10 % on the previous year and 20 % over the last five years. Which is a substantial rise. High on the list of stolen items are expensive gardening tools and power tools which represent almost half of all items taken.

So it is extremely important that you seriously consider security measures in you shed and garden.

Basic Security Kit

This kit is ideal to help to protect your valuable garden tools or bikes stored in your shed, log cabin orother garden building. The pack includes a high-quality Yale padlock and shed attachments as well as a passive IR detector to detect unwelcome visitors. The alarm itself will emit a 130 db noise if the correct pin isn't entered.

If you want to know more about keeping your shed secure take a look at this post
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