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Grow Your Own

If you Grow Your Own food or flowers at home, then once the autumn chill is in the air you'll be fearful for your crop - But don't despair!

Keep your winter veggies and plants warm and enjoy an all-year-round growing season with our fantastic range of Greenhouses, Cold Frames, Garden Planters & Raised beds so you can grow your own plants. Growing food for yourself from a very urban environment is a growing movement. Here we have everything you might need to get a head-start to grow your own produce.

Need advice Growing Your Own Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs or Flowers?

Top 10 Garden Resources

If you're a gardening novice then you might find the prospect of taming your garden or growing food in a greenhouse, a bit of a challenge. We thought we would offer our assistance by listing our top ten gardening resources.

Planting Resources

Advice on planting for your garden and how to start a herb or vegetable garden. It's easier than you might think too.