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Pressure Treated Sheds

Pressure-treated sheds have a great natural-wood finish that blends with your garden. Best of all, these garden sheds never need treating with a preservative - so you get to spend more of your time using your shed and less time maintaining it. Each pressure treated shed comes with an impressive 15-year guarantee against rot yet costs only a few pounds more than a conventional dip-treated shed. Choose from our stylish pent or apex sheds. Bargain.
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Why would I want a pressure-treated shed?

The primary benefit of buying pressure-treated sheds is that you wont need to apply a preservative coating each year. Many people tend to like the look of the natural timbers, which pressure treatment allows. That said you can, of course, apply a decorative treatment at any time to change the look of your shed.

The pressure treated timber process
Apex Roof Explained

If you're after more headroom in your shed, then our Apex-style are for you. The high, sloping eaves make it easier to stand in and give more storage space;

  • When it rains, the sloping eaves will ensure that water runs off and doesn't accumulate. This limits potential water damage and rot
  • This classic roof shape is very popular and how most traditional sheds are configured. This style is both attractive and practical

The apex-style shed roof

Pressure Treated Sheds - Features Explained

Pent-style roofing

With the Pent-style, the roof is made of one panel which slopes away from the door-side of the shed. This acts to deflect water rapidly off the top of your shed;

  • Since the water drains off the roof with ease, the potential for leaks and timber decay is reduced
  • If you're after something different, then this unique and compact design is for you and would make an attractive alternative in your garden

The pent-style shed roof
Overlap Cladding
Overlap-style shed cladding

This cladding is made from rough sawn boards which are finished with surface treatment at the factory. This style of cladding features:

  • Low maintenance
  • Practical outer shell
  • Rustic appearance
  • Effective water deflection

Tongue and grove style cladding

This style of shed is constructed using interlocking tongue and groove boards, which create a tight fitting and strong shed wall. These provide great protection from wind and rain;

  • Interlocking panels create a more robust structure
  • Superior water protection
  • Stylish finish

Tongue and grove shed cladding

How does the process of pressure treating wood work?

The process of pressure treatment works by forcing preservative deep within the grain of the timbers. This is achieved by placing the wooden timbers into a sealed cylinder where pressure is applied in the presence of the preservative. A vacuum stage is then used to remove any excess preservative. The process allows for high absorption and uniform penetration the preservative throughout the wood.

Many of our pressure treated products feature a 15 year anti-rot and decay guarantee.