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11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Log Storage Shed

Log storage sheds are far from the most beautiful aspects for any garden but they certainly do serve a useful purpose. However, when they do start to look a little drab and in the need of spicing up, there are a number of different things you can do to give them a bit of a revamp.

Take a look at 11 ideas that could bring a bit of life to your log storage sheds:

  • Give it a Lick of Paint
The easiest way to give a quick revamp to your log storage shed would be to clean it up and either stain the wood or paint it. This could literally bring it back to live and make it a great aesthetical feature of your garden rather than just the place that you keep your logs.  
  • Why Not Have a Glass Front?
To add a element of style to your log storage shed, you could implement a glass front will keep out the elements but also make the shed far easier on the eye. This should not be as difficult to implement as you might imagine too.
  • Flat Roof? – Add a Flower Bed
If your log storage shed has a flat roof, you could add to its character by adding a plant bed on the top. This will bring much needed colour and beauty to even the dullest of storage sheds and will allow you to grow striking flowers or some vegetables and herbs.   
  • Build a Shed Extension
Most gardens will eventually require a standard garden shed to store all tools and equipment, so why not combine the two by building your shed on the side of your log storage shed? This should not be difficult to do and will add a little bit more character to the log shed.
  • Create a Seating Area Outside
Whilst some log storage sheds can look a bit full, some actually come across as a very rustic feature to a garden. If your shed falls into the latter category, why not build a seating area out the front of it. You could build a porch like extension to the shed, and put some nice garden chairs underneath it.
  • Build Cupboards Inside
Lockable cupboards can be a great place to store garden tools and other equipment without having to build a full on shed somewhere else in the garden. Sometimes many of us do not need a whole shed and literally need just a little amount of storage, which makes this idea a great one. 
  • Incorporate a Dog House
If you are the owner of dogs, you will know that they love somewhere to call a home away from home in the garden. This usually comes in the shape of a doghouse and you could build one on side of your log storage shed to give it a little bit more shape and aesthetic beauty.
  • Add Some Good Looking Doors
Many log storage sheds are fully open at the front which does make them a bit more practical to use. Though, if you are looking to make them look a bit more aesthetically pleasing, you could add two swing doors to the front.
  • Decorate it with Flowers
Add a few hanging plants to the outside, place a selection of potted plants to the side of it and even have some ivy climbing up one side. There is a lot you can do with flowers to improve how your log storage shed looks.
  • Create Some Separate Sections
You could also add some additional functionality by partitioning up the space that you have and use the new partitions to store other items. Whether it is garden toys that your kids love to play with or some bags of compost, additional storage bays could be a great idea.
  • Build a Wheelie Bin Storage Extension
Wheelie bin storage is something that is really coming into fashion due to how ugly and untidy they can look in the garden. Why not build a simple extension onto your log storage shed that gives you a place to store your wheelie bins.

With any of the eleven ideas above, you will certainly see a difference with your log storage shed, a difference that will give the shed a bit more character and in many cases functionality too.

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